Joseph Jiang's Fight to Keep His Priesthood


This story is…something. Sad and bizarre. How much of this could have been avoided had the archdiocese given better training and mentoring to an international priest coming from a such a different culture?


More of a novella than an article!

Sounds like a troubled family and an naive priest and some whack a doo cult.

Sad. Best to stay away from these little secretive sects/cults.


I have heard of this news about the priest. He was falsely accused and was found to be innocent.


I am glad the priest seems to have been restored to his position with his record expunged, but I agree, if you’re going to bring these priests over from cultures very different from USA, the archdiocese had better lay down some strict rules to prevent them from doing things that to US eyes look very suspicious and bizarre.
There are a lot of emotionally needy and off-kilter people who glom onto priests and want to be overfamiliar and it’s just a bad idea to be spending a lot of time with them, much less getting involved in their financial affairs or corresponding with them.


I hope he can get his life back. I am sure he will eventually. It is a shame that a false accusation has the potential to cause almost as much harm to a priest’s reputation as a true one.


This story broke my heart a little.
Isn’t it interesting that we sometimes pray for virtues and get our prayers answered but not for the reason we thought we needed it.

He believed he needed courage for blood martyrdom, and suffering came to him on spades, but it was emotional and legal suffering, rather than physical.

How would a person even psychologically process such an event?


That was a LONG article but I enjoyed reading it.

Seems like a lesson in cultural difference, emotional immaturity, and the need to stay away from fringe Catholic groups or “gurus”.

I’m glad the priest has been exonerated.


For sure. And appropriate boundaries with parishioners and others, particularly with a family as troubled and manipulative as this one seems to be.


This priest is still fighting these allegations. Many parents are worried to have him assigned to their parish and are asking the archbishop to avoid placing him in assignments around children. If you google his name and St. Louis you can see the fight continues for him. I would post links but I am not tech savvy and do not know how to do that. I feel like this fight will continue for him for the rest of his life because that is how allegations like that go. It is all but impossible to clear one’s name and the Internet never forgets. We must pray for all our priests and for our Church.


This priest was somewhat fortunate in that he found someone to defend him and was not immediately thrown under the bus by the diocese.

It does illustrate how at risk priests are. An allegation can be filed by anyone at any time for an incident alleged to have occurred yesterday or 20 years ago. In most cases, a diocese will immediately suspend the priest pending the outcome, before any evidence has been put forth. Whether innocent or guilty, the priest’s life will never be the same. And yes, innocent priests can be found guilty especially if the prosecutor is extremely zealous. In this case, SNAP was lucky that the priest did not pursue punitive damages; they have made a reputation for persecuting priests whether guilty or innocent.


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