Joseph of Arimathea


Does anyone know of any truth to a real vial of Jesus’ blood kept in a European Church?


*]nope nevver heard of it… highly doubt
*]what does this have to do with your title?


Such a thing does not exist. I don’t why some folks are so gullible to believe it might.


Do you have a credible source for this information? Do you have the name of the church? The city and country the church is located in? If not, then it seems probable that it is a fabrication.


Give the kid a break. She might be thinking about the miracle of the blood of St. Januarius, a vial of blood from the 4th century saint that is said to liquify every year at his feast day:

This is not to be confused with eucharistic miracles involving the Body and Blood of Christ:

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Could also be refering to the studies of the Blood on the Shroud of Turin (not a vial, but believed to be the blood of Christ) and comparing that with the blood type of various eucharistic miracles the the blood from the cloth that convered his head while laying in the tomb (kept somewhere in spain)


She is probably thinking of the legend of the Holy Grail:


Well, I’m still waiting for my friend to reply back with the name of the church she said held the so called “blood of Jesus”. I appreciate all the input…I figured if indeed it were true that people would know of it. I did a little research and there are mixed theories apparently about whether Joseph of Arimathea caught the blood dripping from Jesus on the cross in a cloth (shroud) or in the chalice from the Last Supper. Theories that I find interesting, but seem to hold no proof per say. This is why I titled this thread the way I did. I had no idea that his feast was coming up either. One article I read suggested that Joseph and Mary were related or that she was his niece…anyone know of any truth to that?


According to an ancient legend, probably started by the monks at Glastonbury in the Uk, Joseph of Arimathea was a silver smith and Jesus’s uncle. Again supposedly, Jesus accompanied him on a journey to the Cornish tin mines in 1st century Britain. You would be hard pushed to find anybody taking that story at face value nowadays.

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