Joseph Prince: no need to confess

Anyone know anything about Joseph Prince? A friend of mine posted a quote that says:

“We don’t have to confess our sins in order to be forgiven. We confess our sins because we are already forgiven. When I say ‘confess our sins’, I’m talking about being open with God… Confession in the new covenant is just being honest about your failures and your humanity. It is the result of being forgiven and not something you do in order to be forgiven.” (Destined to Reign, p.104).

We don’t have to confess our sins? What about 1 Jn 1:9?

I’d never heard of JP until my friend posted the quote, but apparently his ministry is very similar to Joel Osteen’s (i.e., health, wealth, word of faith gospel, etc.).

My friend this is wrong very wrong.

The Church teaches that we are to confess ALL of our mortal sins that have not been yet remitted to the Keys for forgiveness.

Chuck his quote out the window.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

He’s another in the long line of crooks and theives on TBN. They count on people not knowing enough of their Bible to con them.
1John1:9 is the answer for this and every false teacher on TBN.

Of course, there’s no question he’s wrong. I posted it because I’m curious if there are other “Joseph Prince” followers out there (or similar congregants) who subscribe to this theology.

IMO, the only televangelist that Catholics ever should have taken seriously was the Father of All Televangelists, +Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

If only those who preach today via mass media followed his example …

As for Joseph Prince, as with all other televangelists (Catholics included), their “message” should be heard with appropriate skepticism and not substitute for a direct life of faith in the Church, which is the goal of many of these ministries.

Prince is co-founder of an independent church and has no Catholic roots whatsoever as far as can be told. The title of his seminal work, the book Destined to Reign: The Secret to Effortless Success, Wholeness and Victorious Living, should tell you all you need to know.

I don’t ever recall our Lord telling us how we can enjoy “effortless success”, nor espousing that as a goal of good Christian life.

Greetings Stewstew03,

Nice user name by the way. I thought you did, but I said my comment on behalf of those who would mistakenly follow the errors of this man. We need to pray for Joseph that He will come to know the Truth.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

They are likely pre-occupied on Joseph Prince’s website, figuring out how to donate to his ministry.

FWIW - I thought the purpose of your OP was to see if anyone could enlighten you on JPs ministry. At least that’s how it read …

I helped someone STOP subscribing to his theology, if that counts for anything :smiley:

:thumbsup: That is good. Lead all men to the Truth. It counts in my book.

He teaches the ‘prosperity gospel’ …another wolf in sheep clothing.

Personally I’m suspicious anytime so called holy men engage in any rhythmic chanting disguised as preaching or physical jesters/dancing…just subtle voodoo imo.

Everyone outside the Catholic Church is in major error, to some degree,
although usually NOT WILLFULLY.

Plus, there is not a human being alive who has never told a lie or lies.
( If there is, besides Jesus, Mary, Joseph and John the Baptist probably), I would love to meet this person.
But even with lying and falsehood, the Catholic teaching on PROPORTIONALITY still applies (i.e., some sins are graver than others, even if of the same TYPE, due to how many people can be hurt, or how badly damaged, etc., by the sin). So there ARE
“little white lies,” “more serious lies,” and “really BIG, black lies” as they are called.

Many of the teachers on TBN constantly tell WHOPPER-SIZED falsehoods, unfortunately, and Joseph Prince is one of them. He is cocky, brash, irritating,
and constantly peppers his nearly every statement with AMEN??? which drives me nuts.
Even the Protestant Reformers would be horrified at a lot of the stuff he spouts.
And occasionally, of course, he makes the obligatory stab against “the Roman Catholics” and how wrong we are to believe what we believe.

These men are not trustworthy teachers, even for protestants, because they do not even represent historical evangelicalism, but a newfangled mix of pentecostalism and outright overt materialism.

While I like Joyce Meyer and have serious reasons to believe she is utterly sincere,
she still makes grave errors as well, including a teaching that Jesus, between his death and resurrection, actually LITERALLY BURNED IN HELL for three days, under the direct torture of the devil, as part of his atonement for our sins. I was shocked when I heard her say this. She got it from others who ALSO teach it, like Kenneth Copeland and several other TBN luminaries. It is a whopper of an error: “descended into hell” in the creed means that Jesus descended into the world of the dead, not into the Lake of Fire!!!

Please be careful with men like Joseph Prince, especially. How do you think they attained that vast wealth??? There is no sin in having a measure, even a good measure, of wealth. But for an average Joe to become STINKING RICH and VASTLY WEALTHY PERSONALLY, from preaching the gospel or their version of it, something is clearly wrong with that. Some of the early Christians were wealthy (such as the sellers of purple cloth, a luxurious commodity back then), but they used their wealth to support the newly emerging church, not live like royalty and high on the hog. And the apostles and other evangelists explicitly taught – even in scripture – AGAINST using preaching the gospel as a means to attain “sordid gain”, ie, to become richer than kings. Yes, he who preaches the gospel should make his living from the gospel, as Paul explicitly teaches in scripture and the LORD HIMSELF ordained this, as Paul also said. But making a living, and becoming a multi-millionaire full of showiness and the pride of life (which Paul said is of the devil, by the way, NOT evidence of an entrepreneurial spirit!!!) are two entirely different things.
There are a few good, decent people on TBN, albeit protestant and even they are in a measure, unintentionally, of error.
But in general, the folks on TBN certainly APPEAR to be hucksters, and they certainly LIVE sumptuously, like religious hucksters tend to do. Be very careful.
And no need to confess? Once again, thank you Martin Luther for unleashing the demon of private interpretation of scripture (and thank you, too, to Calvin, Zwingli, Beza, and the others who advocated this falsehood).


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I will bring you an insight God gave me few months ago. In the world nowadays, we say things like “that pastor is wrong, this archbishop is right” or some similar things. We are living in a world where we divide (it is said in Paul’s message, that we keep on dividing).

My point is, Joseph Prince is not wrong in this quote “Confession in the new covenant is just being honest about your failures and your humanity. It is the result of being forgiven and not something you do in order to be forgiven.”

Let me explain what he meant, in another term. You say “I love you” to people you love, it comes out as the result of being in love with them. in the same way, forgiving comes first before confession. Our God is a God who gave mercy, he will forgive, not provoke. As soon as you sin, you are cleansed by the blood of Christ, so that you are forgiven. And forgiveness only come when you believe. So after Christ forgives you, Holy Spirit came and tells you, “hey! you just commit a sin”. by then, we confess.

It is the same with the past, the time before Christ was born. The Priest in the past used blood and oil to forgive people. first, with the blood of the lamb, he anoint it on the ear, so that what he hears, are blessed. An the thumb, so that what he touches, are blessed. And last, his toes, so he will be blessed wherever he walk. then after covering these limbs with blood, they cover it with oil.
*oil represents Holy Spirit
*Blood of lamb represents Christ’s blood
*Priest represents Jesus CHrist Himself

So guys, be more logical next time, or no one wants to believe Christ because of your illogical reasoning!! Thanks and sorry for long post

This is heresy… People have been excommunicated for less. I pray for this man and his followers that they my find the truth in the Orthodoxy (All Apostolic Churches).:frowning:

I love Mother Angelica too! :thumbsup:

Do you know that for 100% sure or just think you know that?

I am neither agreeing or not agreeing to the original post as don’t know enough about it. Just the comment about excommunication seems - unless you know for sure people have been excommunicated for less, then isn’t - then this post may be as much hearsay as the opening post. Be carefull in your judgements friend.

He preaches the ‘prosperity’ Gospel…the kind of preacher St Paul warns us about that will …‘tickle our ears’…rather than lay down the word of God.

As an Evangelical I believe I am saved after accepting Jesus as my personal savior. Regardless of what sins happen after that I am still saved.

Should I forgive people who I wronged and avoid sin? Yes. But I’m not going to run to the Church with my tail between my legs every time I sin.

We all sin we’re fallen. I never really understood the whole concept of confession by Catholics.

God forgives my sins no matter what because I’m saved. Weird difference. :confused:

JL: Yes not only weird but unscriptural. What scripture evidence do you use for your theory?

We’re the largest group of Christians in America. Some 30% of the population.

So what’s weird to you is normal for me. And what’s weird to me is normal for you. I was giving my opinion.

But I don’t have to justify myself to you because I’ve already justified it with God.

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