Joseph's fiat.....

Just thinking about St Joseph saying yes to the Lord…In some sense it seems his is even more remarkable than Mary’s.

Consider - Mary was preserved from original sin. Joseph was not.
She did not carry that “proclivity” towards sin whereas Joseph would have had to struggle like the rest of us.
Mary’s visit from an angel came as a vision. Joseph’s in a dream - much more easy to dismiss.

Of course none of this is to diminish our Lady’s fiat for it was indeed a beautiful and wondrous thing and we all rightly love her for it.
But I think that perhaps St Joseph something special to share with us poor sinful believers about trusting the Lord in big things and small.

Just a thought…


It’s not for nothing he’s a saint! Add to this: he married a woman who remained a virgin even after marriage. Something not many of us (self included) would have the strength to endure.

I myself am perhaps more attracted to St. Joseph than Mary, certainly as a role model but also because good father figures are so important to me, even now, at 55 years of age, because I lost my own beloved father when I was 12, something one never quite gets over and I had a difficult relationship with my mother.

But that’s a personal matter… not meant as a a suggestion to others.

My son just chose Joseph as his confirmaition saint. He wrote the report tonight. We also feel he was very under appreciated. We also think it is funny that he is the patron saint of doubters!

He’s the silent man that did more than many and his memory would probably not survive through the ages if it wasn’t for Sts. Matthew and Luke’s writings. Still, the little he seems to do, he does more boldly than many would be able to do. His under appreciation can be seen as he’s always on the background in most of the Madonna paintings, but it’s in this humility that we see a true example of a father figure to our Incarnated Lord and a saint to any faithful person in all ages. :thumbsup:

I agree with you. He was basically an ordinary guy who took a massive leap of faith and did remarkable things. I think he is a great example of faith and I think I should pay more attention to him from now on.

Wow - I didn’t know that. I would have figured Thomas to be Patron saint of doubters.

Joseph never seems to have doubted…at least not that is recorded. :shrug:


Good thinking. Your posts are always insightful. :slight_smile:

I don’t think his fiat is more remarkable than Mary’s, just because Mary said yes to actually carrying the Word of God in her womb. But that said I totally agree with what you wrote you; in a sense, Joseph’s fiat is more remarkable.

St. Joseph, pray for our faith!

He did at first until the dream. I think that is the point though, he had great faith even when he could have had great doubts.

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