Joshua series

I used to love the books, but as I delved deeper into my faith, I began to argue with them.
I recently picked up a copy of “Joshua’s Family”, which seems to be a strange telling of the space between Jesus Lost at the Temple and His public ministry. I read a few pages, and put it down because it was so… bad. I just couldn’t read it.

I know Girzone put on a 'My Problem with Faith" (The Faith?) a few years back, but I never read it…

I used to read his books too, thinking that they were a wonderful link to our faith, but as Girzone is a fallen away Catholic priest, it all makes sense.

Let’s pray for him coming back to the fold, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of our Blessed Lady and with all the communion of saints and angels, how can we miss!

I know he retired because of health issues, but I don’t know his story after that. I will have to add him to my prayer “hit list”

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