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Hi, I just finished reading the book of Joshua all the way to the Second Book of Chronicles. I never really understood these books until I read the Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins book “Walking with God.” I read Joshua to 1 Kings and then I read “Walking with God” and then I read Joshua all the way to 2 Chronicles and feel that I understand it better.

I would like to further understand these books and have been looking for material. I found a book named, “The Navarre Bible: Joshua to Kings.” Has anybody read this book and do you recommend it? According to Amazon, it has 640 and 40 pages but it has each book (Joshua to Kings) in English and Latin. So I wonder how much commentary is there and if it’s any good.

I currently own the “Catholic Study Bible” basically, the New American Bible and also own a Spanish bible named, “Biblia Latinoamericana.” Should I just stick with these commentaries or should I spent my money on this expensive book ($27.80 + shipping)???


I have the entire 10-volume set of the Navarre commentary. The commentary is extensive and quite orthodox. However, before you buy it, I highly recommend going to Google Groups and joining “Daily Word.” This group will provide you the daily mass readings and their corresponding commentary directly from the Navarre 10-volume set. It’s free, so you can see if you like it before you buy it.


I have all 10 hardcover volumes of the Navarre Bible series and they are all very good. Joshua-Kings is about 635 pages, it has very detailed Book introductions for Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1&2 Samuel and 1&2 Kings. The translation used is the RSV-CE in about a size 11 font and the commentary notes are very readable in about a size 10 font. The commentary notes reference the Catechism, Doctors of the Church (Augustine, Aquinas, etc) and other saints such as J. Escriva. The price you quoted is good, I paid $39.95 + tax (new).


In my opinion the Navarre Bible is the best modern commentary on Scripture, though the Ignatius Study Bible is the best bargain. I dont think Ignatius Study Bible has that volume ready yet.


Thanks for your replies. Actually, the Navarre bible is listed as $37.49 brand new not $27.80 like I had quoted.

COPLAND 3 - Do you mean that St. Ignatius study bible is not as good but is cheaper?

I’m leaning towards buying the Navarre Bible, but maybe I’ll start with the beginning, with the Pentateuch. Thanks for your assistance.


That is only my personal opinion. Both are wonderful! The Ignatius is more concise, which is a good thing because it doesn’t overwhelm. The Navarre is probably geared for a little more advanced reader, whereas the Ignatius is a good “one size fits all” that can suit the beginner well as well as the advanced. You just cannot beat the price of the Ignatius, you get more than your money’s worth.


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