Journaling to God

Does any body keep a journal . What’s ur experience . How did u get started . Is it ok to ask god questions ?

I haven’t in a long time, but rest assured that God is big enough to handle God questions.


There is no one “correct” way to do it. All you need to start is paper and a pen (or I suppose you could type it out on a computer or electronic device). Certainly you can ask God questions.

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The only advice, only write down what you are okay with someone else reading. Things happen, life takes unexpected turns, and whatever you commit to writing or even electronic journaling might be read by another.

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I am blessed to have as a friend a world class academic theologian and professor, Franciscan Friar, and priest. On his bookshelf behind his desk is a group of notebooks he says contain questions he cant answer but wants to ask Jesus when he meets him!


Or use your own secret language!


Write what you think about, how God is present in your life, joys, sorrows, prayers and Bible readings that moves you etc. Don’t think too much about neat writing and that. I write on blank paper and use an ordinary blue ink pen. Sometimes I glue a picture or draw one that is important to me in the notebook.

I used to write almost every day when I was in RCIA and the three years after. Now it is about once a week and I find that is not enough. Some days were longer and some just a sentence. I have read parts of what I have written when meeting with a priest or deacon.

It is hilarious to read all my reasoning why I shouldn’t be Catholic now some years later. :rofl:


I journal frequently. I wish I could say daily but I’m not quite that disciplined. I actually have three different places I journal. One is my daily planner for work that has a space for notes, one is just a journal and the other is specific to a group I belong to.

For my regular journal I also tape or glue things I like on a page as well as meditations I find.

I always ask questions in my journals.

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