Journalism 'Reinvention' Smacks of Government Control, Critics Say

L@@K! It’s being touted as “good” for us!

Click Here: Journalism ‘Reinvention’ Smacks of Government Control, Critics Say

A list of potential policy recommendations to reinvent the field of journalism that has been compiled by the Federal Trade Commission is a “dangerous” overreach of power and a waste of taxpayer funds, critics of the project told

…The federal agency recently released a discussion draft titled “Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism,” a 47-page document that outlines a major government push to rescue the country’s flailing media platforms – specifically newspapers, which have seen advertising revenues drop roughly 45 percent since 2000…

***Like Journalism is having a real problem-and needs the Government’s help.
More loss of freedoms-touted as “good!”

Whittle, whittle, whittle…
Lol! Obama’s whittling while the rest of us are burning…***

God Bless.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
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Every good communist knows…Control the news and you control the people.

Competition not regulation or protectionism…is what these news ?] agencies that have called for this,… need to focus on, IMHO.

A free society can not survive without freedom of the press…including Independent sources…and Including the internet

Personally, I think …FCC needs to back away from this and first - control itself…we don’t want or need an adoptive parent.

This whole thing is a horrible idea. Even if it didn’t lead to a direct conflict of interest between reporters and the government, I think it could still lead to reporters and journalists being afraid to investigate for fear of earning at least the implied if not direct disapproval of government agents that can pull purse strings.

Everybody is complaining about newspapers and lost advertising revenue, but I say so what. Newspapers have really been supplanted by online sources and their online counterparts. They’ve become largely irrelevant when the latest news can be had either on TV or online hours ahead of what a newspaper could get it to you. There are blogs out there that can produce interesting and new research that was once the territory of investigative journalists.

Also, people are sick of the cookie cutter news papers. A paper in Chicago, reads like one in Pittsburgh, that reads like one in Philadelphia that reads like one in New York. If newspapers want to thrive and prosper they need to make themselves appear different from their competitors and learn to thrive in this new situation. As much as they may hate to admit it the internet is here for a while and in has replaced the newspaper as the main source where people get their news.


I don’t mind, let the Feds “reinvent” journalism,


they can plug the hole that’s gushing oil, :stuck_out_tongue: and


they can create enough jobs to reduce unemployment below 5%. :wink: :smiley:

However, if they can’t do those two things, then all I have to say to them, is

NO, YOU CAN’T! :shrug: :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

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