Journalists find 'solid' Russian ties to missile that hit MH17


After analyzing a massive volume of data from open sources, a team of British investigative journalists has found “solid information” that the Buk missile system that downed Malaysian Airlines flight 17 in July came from Russia, and was sent back there after the disaster. They also traced the Buk’s military convoy back to its base in Russia.

“If it is confirmed a Buk missile was used and the launch site is established by the official investigation as being Snizhne (in Donetsk Oblast), it seems clear the launcher came from Russia, and the government bears the responsibility for killing hundreds of innocent civilians on MH17,” says Eliot Higgins, who led the team of investigative journalists.

Full 35-page report from the investigative journalist team is available here:


I don’t think anybody has any doubt a BUK launcher was used, and that it was of Russian origin. That was pretty clear from the beginning.

I very much doubt it was the intention of the Russian government that it be used to down a civilian airliner being flown by a foreign airline. I don’t think even the idiot separatist who shot it down realised what he was doing at the time, although so far there doesn’t seem to be much repentance from that quarter.

I suppose if you’re being shot at yourself, you probably tend to be a bit cavalier about other people being killed, even if they may not have been part of the original conflict.

When repressive governments use US or European made armaments to suppress their own people, do we hear the same outrage?

I’m not in any way condoning the downing of MH17 - it was an outrage. But I don’t see why the Russian government should bear the responsibility for the actual act itself.

That was the action of a particular group of separatists, using a Russian supplied military system.


Russia is partly responsible because they provided these weapons to the separatists to fight their (Russia’s) war in the Ukraine. The separatists are just cover under which Russia is hiding.

An analogous situation: a mafia boss gives a lot of stupid, psychopathic teenagers guns to kill a police officer that both the boss and the teenagers have reasons to get rid of. Then the teenagers get excited and kill a lot of innocent bystanders as well.


This press release was released yesterday.

*The German Foreign Ministry maintains the media interpretation of an October statement by the president of national intelligence agency alleging self-defense militia downed MH17 flight in Ukraine was incomplete and taken out of context.

The Russian embassy in Berlin received an official response to note #3693 from October 27 regarding Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND intelligence agency) President Gerhard Schindler’s allegations that local militia in eastern Ukraine shot down the Malaysia Airlines flight in July.

“The media interpretation of the report of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) president delivered to the Bundestag Committee overseeing intelligence activities on October 8 is incomplete and arbitrarily taken out of context,” the note says.

According to information made public by Germany’s Der Spiegel daily on October 19, Schindler delivered a statement in Bundestag on October 8 in which he claimed the militia in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region fired a rocket from a BUK defense missile system which it had captured from a Ukrainian base. It shot down the Malaysian Boeing as it was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing all 298 passengers and crew aboard.*


I saw “plenty of evidence” that big foot exist on youtube too.

These “Columbo’s” should pass on some of this info to the investigators. I also wonder what
satellite images they referenced. Was it the ones the Kiev junta put out? ( The very same images that turned out to be from a video game lol) Perhaps they took the images from one of past 20 or so times Russia (this month alone ) has launched an invasion of The Ukraine? Perhaps they used those instagram messages (also released by the Kiev junta ) of those two “rebel commanders” talking about how they shot down the plane. You know the ones? The ones that were made the day before the tragedy? lol.
I swear, i don’t know if i’m watching a serious investigation or a monty python skit.


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