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I enjoy that show also. I got familiar with it during the passing of JPII and the election of BXVI, I wasn’t a Catholic yet then, but I was hooked.:smiley:

I agree with you that all pews are either too empty, or partly filled by folks who come out of a sense of “obligation”, and fail to try to deepen their faith. Even sadder are the folks of all persuasions who simply stay home. But we are responsible primarily for ourselves, and we have been called to the “Truth”. But once we find that “Pearl of Great Price”, we must do what ever it takes to acquire it, for our eternal life depends on it.

Weeper, weep no more, we have a place for you at the Eucharistic Banquet Table of the Lord Jesus Christ, where He is both spiritually and physically present to those who seek Him. Come home, the Tiber is not very wide!


Weeper, weep no more, we have a place for you at the Eucharistic Banquet Table of the Lord Jesus Christ, where He is both spiritually and physically present to those who seek Him. Come home, the Tiber is not very wide!

wow thank you very much. i’m starting to tear up now. in a good way though.

oh… i can spell hunger. sorry.

Weeper, I know you are so right about your comment…that many Catholics take for granted the gift of the Faith they possess. As for your question as to why there weren’t more responses to the thread, that brings me to Jeanette’s input.

Jeanette, the more I read on this forum, the various revert and convert stories, as well as reflect upon my own infusion of zeal for the faith since becoming a member here, the more obvious it becomes to me that these re-/con-versions take place as you noted - something happens in one’s spiritual world which leaves their soul unsettled. That something moves them to seek stability. The stability isn’t found in ytheir comfort zone so they branch out. In your case EWTN ‘happened’ to be on at a particular moment and that was the beginning.

For me it was a crisis with my son which placed a sense of urgency within my soul to get the right answers and to get them fast. Fortunately, thanks to JPII, there were Catholic resources available at my finger tips, thru television, radio and the internet. Our parish bulletin had a small ad for Relevant Radio in it and that led me to Catholic Answers which led me here.

And so this question always gets raised in my head whenever I come across statements like weeper’s which call us Catholics ‘out’ for being so reserved about the riches we possess:

In all honesty, if any Catholics had spoken up about the faith to weeper or you or even me (a cradle Catholic who thought I was doing everything right all along) prior to that particular personal crisis would we have listened?

I know I would have dismissed much of what other Catholics said as ‘over-the-top’, ‘old fashioned’, ‘narrow minded’ or ‘ignorant’ and would have found plenty of Catholic resources to validate my contrary position (now I see how sad it is that is even possible, but unfortunately there are many ‘Catholic’ authors and speakers who are not teaching the Truth).

I imagine protestants would dismiss anything Catholics said because we aren’t even ‘Christian’ to some, and for those who believe we are Christian, certainly we are ‘lost’ and being fed lies.

The more stories I read the more convinced I am that we each come to the Truth on God’s timetable, not our own.
It is by His will that we become unsettled at whatever point in our life. These things are meant to happen according to His greater plan for us and those around us.
It is also by His will that the veil of confusion is lifted from our eyes, our hearts and our minds so that by the umpteenth time we’ve been exposed to the same Truthful statement it finally registers as True.

Since I ‘came alive’ in the faith I’ve noticed fellow Catholics kind of sleepwalking through their faith but they honestly are not aware of it. I tell them about EWTN and Relevant Radio and these forums because I know once they expose themselves to these sources something will happen within them - a seed will be planted that will have them coming back for more. Most of them dismiss my suggestions. They don’t want to know more at this juncture of their lives apparently, but I know the Lord will move them one day to seek more and I pray they will then remember my suggestions.

I think our job is to keep mentioning the solid Catholic resources available to those who are seeking answers, and even to those who don’t know they’re seeking but we can kind of tell they will be soon (rocky marriages, troubled teens, elder parents, dying relatives).

If we were to go out and proclaim Catholicism as the one, true, faith and declare the truth about the sacraments I believe our words would fall on deaf ears and our zeal would turn most people away from the Church. I’ve come to appreciate why St. Francis encourages us to preach the faith through our actions first and foremost.

YinYangMom, you are so correct, especially in the point you made above! Too many of our brothers and sisters in the faith are like the man in scripture who purchased the land, in which was buried the “Treasure”, but bought the land only because it looked good and was a good place to live. If he will dig a little deeper therein, he would find the “Treasure”, a deeper faith in Jesus the Christ, rather than a nice comfortable place to be.

God Bless

I understand what you are saying. And you are right to a degree, I probably wouldn’t have sought out the Church any sooner had it not been for the “big squeeze” (as I like to call it) in my life.

On the other hand, I may not have struggled so much with Catholicism itself during that “squeeze” had I actually been exposed to the true Catholic faith through the Catholics that I had already had in my life. Honestly, not one of my “Catholic” friends and aquaintances even knew anything about their faith except that they needed to show up at Mass on Sunday, most of them had nothing good to say about Catholicism, they held it almost in contempt, and yet were too afraid to actually reject it, more out of some kind of superstitious notions/fears. That’s one of the reasons most of the Evangelical/Fundamentalist world thinks so little of Catholicism, and why they have such an easy time “stealing” the Catholics away, and last but not least, where they get these false ideas about Catholicism from, are the former Catholics!

Now, I know after having become a Catholic, that most of this is due to several generations of extremely poor catechism and unfortunately at least one, maybe two generations have been all but lost from the Catholic Church, the Church will survive, it’s the generations that were lost that I am concerned about.:frowning:

I guess we who know and love the faith, have to live it, be willing to talk about it, and/or plant the seeds like you said, pointing them to the ever growing resources available, (even if it means pointing them to go outside some of their parishes for answers :frowning: )and let God handle the “squeezing” part to bring them back!

If you don’t mind, I took this post of yours to spin-off a new thread here because it is very insightful. I don’t want to take this thread off-topic (EWTNs Journey Home). You can find the thread here.

What an important piece of the puzzle your insight is!
I’ve always known other denominations of Christianity held back the fullness of Catholic faith from their parishioners and that some even flat out lie about it, but I hadn’t taken into consideration how our own ignorance fed into those lies and misconceptions.

For everyone in this thread, when you watch Journey Home what draws you in the most? Meaning, what keeps you from changing the channel? Is it that you relate to the guests themselves, see yourself in them?

When I’ve watched the show (not often, as it’s not in my cable line up) I felt like an outsider looking in. I recall being taken by the enthusiasm with which these people were discussing the basics. I remember wondering how they could get so excited about something so small. Of course, now I know the small is really enormous! I also found that since I did not share the guest’s background or issues which led them to their search I didn’t relate early enough into the discussion to stay tuned. :frowning: So I wonder if other Catholics ‘comfortable’ in their faith would find the show interesting enough to watch, or does a person need to be in that state of life where they are searching to really appreciate the program?

We’ve read and heard so many examples of people stumbling upon EWTN while flipping the channels – Marcus Grodi being one example – that we need to consider some cable regulations being discussed.

On the surface, proposed regulations that would allow cable and dish subscribers to select the individual stations in their subscription – rather than buying “packages” of channels – seems like a good idea. I have way too many cartoon channels for myself, my wife and 20-year-old son, for example. (We need none of those!) However, how many Protestants or even Catholics would choose to pay for EWTN if it were not part of a package?

I suggest that we work against this “unbundling” of packages for just this reason. Had Marcus not subscribed to a package that had “that nun and that monk” (Fr. Groeschel) on one of the channels, we would probably not be enjoying and benefitting from “The Journey Home” every Monday. And don’t forget “Household of Faith” and “The Choices We Face” for you earlybirds!

God bless!

You make a good point, it’s not something I have given any thought to whatsoever.:eek:

Right now I am accessing EWTN via internet, I just moved here and until I find a job, no cable for me.:frowning:

But I can see that it is all our best interest to be more aware of the downside of this issue.:o

Can I get a Book Chapter: Verse reference for this story?

Thanks Church

I think what draws me int he most is that I fell away so much, I didn’t think I could come back. Through the patience of my early Mother, I was able to reflect that love, acceptance, and forgiveness into my relationship with Christ and His Mother.
JH reminds me, everytime I watch it, that even my small actions can bring someone back to the fullness of Truth. And also, no matter how far off the road we go, Christ is more than ready to welcome us home.

In a .15 second Google search you will find it is Matthew 13:23-4.

God Bless

Thanks man…

what’s google?

I’ll presume you really don’t know about google searches, or you wouldn’t have asked the question.

Google is a well known Internet search engine. In your webbrowser type in, click GO and when the home page opens, type your question, then click search. You will get millions of possibilities ranked in the most likely answer at the top of the pages, and least likely at the end.


Sorry for the “what’s google” question. I felt kinda dumb for not just researching it myself, so I threw it out there as a joke. But your zeal in answering shows you are a true warrior of these forums sir. and I thank you.

God Bless

No problem, glad to help. That’s actually the first time I’ve used Google to find a Bible verse, and I was surprised it did it so quick, and the first hit at the top of the page was the US Conf. of Catholic Bishop’s website. So we both learned something by your question.


I’m a revert. Raised Catholic in Springfield Ohio at St. Bernards. Great Church and the whole family was involved with the church. Then we moved when I was 12 years old. Dad stopped going to church so did I. In my early 20’s went to a Baptist church and became Baptist. For about 16 years my faith was like a rollarcoaster, up and down, not really knowing anything. Oh, I said I knew Jesus and “The Lord is my personal Savior” but I was soaked in sin.
Then my grandmother died and we went to Springfield for the funeral. There I was,in St. Bernards, on my knees praying for my grandmother. With tears pouring down I heard “Come Home”. I looked around and was confused. Then I heard “Come home to me” and I thought I was going crazy. I don’t want to be Catholic. I’m fine where I’m at. We were going to a non-denomination church now, you know the kind, it was like going to a rock concert. Anywho, after the funeral something odd happened. My second cousin, who is a priest, asked me to come back to the Catholic Church. Are YOU crazy. No way, I’m happy where am. I told him thanks but no thanks. I think I was kinda rude also. Lord forgive me.
We came back home and about a month later John Paul The Great died. I was glued to the TV. I then started using my computer and found EWTN. Our basic cable does not have EWTN and I was watching these Friars on “Life on the Rock” on the computer. Then I was watching Mother Angelica. I started reading the bible every morning before work and praying. And this was not “Hey God I need this or I need that” it was giving thanks and praise. I was falling in love with Jesus. I stopped going church and I knew something was happening to me. My wife thinks I did something wrong due to me reading the bible so much. For the first time, I was not putting it away.
Boy, if this isn’t a sign. Mom was going through grandmas stuff and she gave me one of her rosarys. I knew nothing about the rosary. I looked up the rosary on the computer and started praying it. I thought “I bet this is the rosary she used to pray for me.” I was becoming Catholic again.
I called my cable company and ordered EWTN. Wow, it was on all the time and still is. It was driving my wife crazy because she didn’t want to be Catholic. That’s another story. Discovery “The Journey Home” and found out I was not alone. What great stories.
Well, I’m doing all these things and I started going to a Catholic Church. I was getting alot of books about the Mass due to I wanted to know what was going on. Discovered Scott Hahn’s “The Lambs Supper” and other books of his. Then I went to confession. Took about an hour. I sure I missed some sins but my memeory is awful. I heard a good saying on “Life on the Rock” “I’m a Jesus freak, cuz he took the freak out of me” That’s me. God bless.

Roger, my brother in the Lord, WELCOME HOME, we missed you but are glad you are home again, and that you brought with you a deeper faith in Jesus, which is a good foundation on which to continue to work towards holiness. Jeff Cavins, (who developed and produced “Life on the Rock”), said he too left the Church to find Jesus, and realized some 12 yrs. later, after becoming a protestant minister that he had actually left the Lord’s banquet table in the first place for a “spiritual” only connection to Him. He too came Home to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, and “spiritual” relationship as well. That’s what we speak of as the fullness of the Truth, Jesus the Lord. WELCOME HOME!


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