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You make a good point, it’s not something I have given any thought to whatsoever.:eek:

Right now I am accessing EWTN via internet, I just moved here and until I find a job, no cable for me.:frowning:

But I can see that it is all our best interest to be more aware of the downside of this issue.:o

Can I get a Book Chapter: Verse reference for this story?

Thanks Church

I think what draws me int he most is that I fell away so much, I didn’t think I could come back. Through the patience of my early Mother, I was able to reflect that love, acceptance, and forgiveness into my relationship with Christ and His Mother.
JH reminds me, everytime I watch it, that even my small actions can bring someone back to the fullness of Truth. And also, no matter how far off the road we go, Christ is more than ready to welcome us home.

In a .15 second Google search you will find it is Matthew 13:23-4.

God Bless

Thanks man…

what’s google?

I’ll presume you really don’t know about google searches, or you wouldn’t have asked the question.

Google is a well known Internet search engine. In your webbrowser type in, click GO and when the home page opens, type your question, then click search. You will get millions of possibilities ranked in the most likely answer at the top of the pages, and least likely at the end.


Sorry for the “what’s google” question. I felt kinda dumb for not just researching it myself, so I threw it out there as a joke. But your zeal in answering shows you are a true warrior of these forums sir. and I thank you.

God Bless

No problem, glad to help. That’s actually the first time I’ve used Google to find a Bible verse, and I was surprised it did it so quick, and the first hit at the top of the page was the US Conf. of Catholic Bishop’s website. So we both learned something by your question.


I’m a revert. Raised Catholic in Springfield Ohio at St. Bernards. Great Church and the whole family was involved with the church. Then we moved when I was 12 years old. Dad stopped going to church so did I. In my early 20’s went to a Baptist church and became Baptist. For about 16 years my faith was like a rollarcoaster, up and down, not really knowing anything. Oh, I said I knew Jesus and “The Lord is my personal Savior” but I was soaked in sin.
Then my grandmother died and we went to Springfield for the funeral. There I was,in St. Bernards, on my knees praying for my grandmother. With tears pouring down I heard “Come Home”. I looked around and was confused. Then I heard “Come home to me” and I thought I was going crazy. I don’t want to be Catholic. I’m fine where I’m at. We were going to a non-denomination church now, you know the kind, it was like going to a rock concert. Anywho, after the funeral something odd happened. My second cousin, who is a priest, asked me to come back to the Catholic Church. Are YOU crazy. No way, I’m happy where am. I told him thanks but no thanks. I think I was kinda rude also. Lord forgive me.
We came back home and about a month later John Paul The Great died. I was glued to the TV. I then started using my computer and found EWTN. Our basic cable does not have EWTN and I was watching these Friars on “Life on the Rock” on the computer. Then I was watching Mother Angelica. I started reading the bible every morning before work and praying. And this was not “Hey God I need this or I need that” it was giving thanks and praise. I was falling in love with Jesus. I stopped going church and I knew something was happening to me. My wife thinks I did something wrong due to me reading the bible so much. For the first time, I was not putting it away.
Boy, if this isn’t a sign. Mom was going through grandmas stuff and she gave me one of her rosarys. I knew nothing about the rosary. I looked up the rosary on the computer and started praying it. I thought “I bet this is the rosary she used to pray for me.” I was becoming Catholic again.
I called my cable company and ordered EWTN. Wow, it was on all the time and still is. It was driving my wife crazy because she didn’t want to be Catholic. That’s another story. Discovery “The Journey Home” and found out I was not alone. What great stories.
Well, I’m doing all these things and I started going to a Catholic Church. I was getting alot of books about the Mass due to I wanted to know what was going on. Discovered Scott Hahn’s “The Lambs Supper” and other books of his. Then I went to confession. Took about an hour. I sure I missed some sins but my memeory is awful. I heard a good saying on “Life on the Rock” “I’m a Jesus freak, cuz he took the freak out of me” That’s me. God bless.

Roger, my brother in the Lord, WELCOME HOME, we missed you but are glad you are home again, and that you brought with you a deeper faith in Jesus, which is a good foundation on which to continue to work towards holiness. Jeff Cavins, (who developed and produced “Life on the Rock”), said he too left the Church to find Jesus, and realized some 12 yrs. later, after becoming a protestant minister that he had actually left the Lord’s banquet table in the first place for a “spiritual” only connection to Him. He too came Home to the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, and “spiritual” relationship as well. That’s what we speak of as the fullness of the Truth, Jesus the Lord. WELCOME HOME!


Wow Roger! Thanks for sharing your story! :extrahappy:

You should get Marcus Grodi’s book, *Journeys Home, *I just got a copy this past weekend at the EWTN’s Family Celebration and I even meet Marcus…:extrahappy: (I like that smilie, can’t you tell)

God bless you!

DJgang, Thanks for reading my story. I’ll get the book. Oh, I did go to EWTN this past December and went to a live show of “Life on the Rock.” It’s so neat to meet the priests and the people of EWTN. They’re my real heros. Thanks again and God bless:)

Great coming home story! The Lord is so good to us, especially when we don’t deserve it, any of us!

God bless you as you continue to grow in the faith!:smiley:

Anyone catch The Journey Home tonight? They had the Roundtable with former Pentecostal and AoG pastors, it was a good episode. Brought a few good tears to my eyes.:slight_smile:

I watched and recorded it as well. It was very good, and informative. I also have Alex Jones’ book, No Price Too High, and it was a great read as well.

I agree with the panel, we must learn more about the pentecostal movement so we can invite them to the fullness of faith. Each of them said tonight and in their journies showed that they were all seeking the truth, and weren’t going to stop searching until they found truth, even if it was in the Catholic Church. That’s a theme I hear repeated in most of our beloved converts.

And most importantly we have learned from all the guests on Marcus’ show, they all had a deep and personal faith in Jesus, and they are still thankful for their deep faith experience in their various non-catholic denoms, which they bring back home to the Church. I have never heard a guest badmouth their previous Christian walk. Hopefully they can inspire the rest of us to deepen our faith too.

The challenge for those of us who have been here all along, is to also seek and find that deep conversion in faith, not just membership. As Alex Jones said on the show, pentacostalism teaches individual relationship with Jesus, while the Catholic Church teaches that as well as our roles in the larger community, the Church. As he said we need theology, not just me-ology.

Peace in Christ

My grandmother was a licensed Pentecostal minister, although she didn’t pastor, she was an evangelist. And she was the old time Pentecostal, and right before she died in the mid 80’s, she said the health and wealth teaching that was just starting to come on the scene was going to destroy Pentecostalism, that it was a false gospel message that would lead people astray. She warned us to stay away from it. She was prophetic in a sense. It came true.

Anyway, she loved the Lord completely, gave her whole life in ministry. So this program in particular touched me, I have nothing but love and respect for her and her legacy, and hope that I can achieve half the level of holiness in my newfound Catholic faith that she had in hers.:slight_smile: And I’m sure it was her prayers for me that led me home to the Church, now that she sees from the other side.:smiley:

Jeanette, one thing which struck me on tonight’s show, for the most part, they don’t teach the dangerous idea of once saved, always saved, they teach Faith, and living a life of holiness as a result of their faith. I’m sure your grandmother was that way as well.

God Bless

You’re very right about that. They were very clear about the need for repentance, my earliest childhood memories is of being in church and everyone kneeling on the floor in prayer and repentance, praying, very heartfelt, very emotional, lots of hankies. They took it very seriously, I was always impressed with that.

When I moved over to the Baptist camp, I never resolved that issue, the eternal security vs. possible loss of salvation due to serious sin. It was always a source of confusion in my faith journey.

Now, it’s settled for me. I can be at peace knowing what is the truth of the matter.

And Grandma always knew best didn’t she! Good Night

I love “The Jouney Home”, one of the many excellent shows on
EWTN. My husband who is a convert sometimes watches it
with me.

Welcome home Roger and thanks for sharing your story! :slight_smile:

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