Journey Home- EWTN

DVR it. Had to work late and I had to take my oldest outside to watch bats flying around. He loved it. I’ll watch it tonight. Have a great day and God bless.

Great show. I wish all of our seperated brothers and sisters got The Journey Home. Do you think some would come home to the Catholic Church?

It seems to be working that way! :smiley:

Read one of the posts by Big_Dave (other thread), who found home at last. Brought a tear to my eyes. An inspiration!

The Peace of Christ to all.

OK. Here we go: My first 35 years I had no religion at all. No church, no prayer, no nothing. However, the Lord had plans. My first friend when I was tiny was an Italian across the street and one house down. I ended up eating a lot of pasta and hearing a lot of arguments. But, they were Catholic. A few years into this, Vatican II’s expansion caused a parish to be built across the street from my house. We gave poor Father Palmasani an early death because of our riding motorcycles around the church, but he prayed for us. Years later the Lord sent me a Catholic woman whom I married. She needled me endlessly to be baptized. Still nothing. We went on vacation in 1985, driving around Europe in a rented car. Pulling into Genoa looking for lodging, we noticed police and then pedestrians everywhere. Some carried signs. “It’s the Pope!” cried out my wife. By “accident”, we bumped into John Paul II. I stood along the street as he passed by blessing the crowd. Took a picture. Cool. The next year, I felt the pull. I entered RCIA and was baptized the Easter after, reciving that as well as Confirmation and the Eucharist. All was OK for several more years until my wife “mentioned” that they were presenting a “Life in the Spirit” seminar at out parish. OK, OK, I’ll go. I went and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. WOW! No more lukewarm Catholic. Where’s the fire extinguisher? But wait, there’s more! We moved my non-denominational mother out of her home two years ago, as she was no longer able to care for herself. We found a wonderful adult family home for her. Parishoners and occasionally our priest would stop by to bring communion to the Catholics there. Well, my mom decided, at age 88, to become Catholic. She was baptized and received communion last October 31st. Miraculously, all of her complaints about aging stopped. She was now at peace. The Lord called her home this past March 9th. What a glorious end to a long life. At her funeral, Father Olvida told us that, as he was distributing communion, my mother looked at him and said, “Father, you know I’m going to be Catholic”. This was the first time we had heard this. Praise God! We are all on our way home-some are already there.

The peace of Christ to all.

po18guy, Welcome home. God bless you and your family.

Great story! Welcome home friend! :smiley:

Pax my brother, and welcome Home!

Jeanette L,

“Welcome home” is like hearing “I love you”. One never tires of hearing that! And, as Archbishop Sheen reminded, neither does the Lord. So, welcome home!

“Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division. From now on, a household of five will be divided, three against two and two against three, a father will be divided against his son and a son against his father, a mother against her daughter and a daughter against her mother…”
(Luke 12:51-53).

“If the world hates you, remember it hated me first” (John 15:18)

He said to them in reply, “Who are my mother and brothers?” And, looking around at those seated in the circle, He said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For, whoever does the will of God is my mother and brother and sister” (Mark 3:33-35)

So, clearly, you have moved closer to Christ, paying the price of discipleship. Oh, but the reward! Your piety will be a light to those around you. The seeking heart is drawn to the truth, but those with fear in their hearts flee from it.

The cultural Catholics fled from your search for truth. Instead, they now view you as a threat. Imagine that! In reply to your faith, the Lord has provided you with a larger family, and more friends to the ends of the earth, than you ever thought possible.

After wandering in the desert, welcome home, indeed!

Christ’s peace be with you.

:grouphug: :slight_smile:

Wait! I want in on this group hug! How DO you guys do those cute animation smilies?

I am strengthened by all of your wonderful stories. I love all of you! I, too, converted to Catholicism in 1995 (the same night as Rosalind Moss!) I am absolutely in love with this Church, this faith. I am the only Catholic in my family… my husband’s family is nominally Catholic, though. I agree that the local parish experience of the Catholic faith does not live up to the “ideal” that exists in theory, in doctrine, and in Scott Hahn books! :wink: But I find that it DOES exist on these forums, thanks be to God! The beautiful faith does not depend on warm fuzzies at church (although I like warm fuzzies!)- sometimes you have to seek that stuff out on your own. That’s OK- I know I am exactly where I should be. And how wonderful that no matter where you are in the world, you can be at home, with your family, at any Catholic church. I love that!:slight_smile:

Hi Judie: It’s good to hear from you. The animated similies can be found by clicking on the word more below the similies you see on the right of the message you are posting before you post it. A new window will come up. Scroll down to the ones with the heading of Animated
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God Bless

Thanks Mike! I am now LOVING the animated smilies!!! :tiphat: By the way- I think I’ve been reading things from you on other threads- are you in the Harry Potter discussion at all?:hmmm:

And as a new convert, I love hearing success stories! I am encouraged when I see converts on here like yourself, who have stayed in the faith year after year, even when the going was tough. It gives me courage to keep going, that I can and will continue to grow in love for the Catholic faith in spite of what may be happening around me. And I appreciate that we have each other here, even if we can’t hug in person,:console: I think our like mindedness conveys enough to give us the sense of community we crave that me may not feel in our own parishes. :yup: :grouphug:

Jeannette- if I depended on the “experience” I got in my own parish, I would have left long ago! I used to belong to one of those “mega-churches”- and the experience there was wonderful and amazing! But I know that it was lacking the substance- the WHOLE truth- the EUCHARIST! That’s what it’s all about!!! Jesus- the God of the universe, coming down- opening the veil of Heaven at each and every mass, to become ***my food- ***to literally become a part of me- WOW!!! It still blows me away!!! And when you read the Bible, you can see how the Old Testament foreshadowed it, and the New Testament led up to it, and Jesus promised it, and then delivered it! He is so faithful to His promises! The sacraments are such a treasure- an never-ending font of grace- and to have an authoritative magisterium that stands firm in the face of changing times- another gift from the God who understands what His children need! The faith itself is so amazing and beautiful- if mass was dry and boring every time I would still be completely swept off my feet by the truth of the faith itself!!! (What is called “the Splendor of Truth!”) And I am- more so each day!! I am an unabashed Catholic and everyone knows it. I am not in their faces- I respect everyone’s right to their own beliefs- but I am not ashamed to put it all out there if anyone asks. Sometimes it’s a struggle- there is so much anti-Catholic sentiment in the air- sometimes you can cut it with a knife! I also have family members who are Baptists and some who used to be JW’s. I want so much to bring them home to the Church! I plant small seeds, but then put it in God’s hands. I pray unceasingly for them!

Please - if you ever want to talk, or just need encouragement- let me know. We must support one another, because the world just wants to rip us to shreds. I will always share whatever I know with anyone who asks. Here’s some love going out to you! :hug1: Judie

PS- If you haven’t already, read the Suprised by Truth series. They are collections of conversion stories- wonderful! Also “Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic” and “Crossing the Tiber.” I am hooked on conversion stories myself!

Got’em all! I’m hooked too. :smiley:

It kind of gives me a glimpse into why in the earliest days of the first Christian martyrs, the faith grew by leaps and bounds. There is something about the witness of people persevering through hardship that is inspiring and contageous. The seeds of faith!

God Bless Judie! Stay around. We’re hoping to get CAF to give us a Converts Sub-Forum, we’ll see what happens. In the mean time we have a thread called the Crazy Converts Club. Pop over there and join us sometime!

:amen: AND :amen:

Thanks for sharing all of your stories! They are so encouraging and I just love to read stories of conversion.:clapping: (just wanted to try out the animated smilies)

I absolutely love EWTN! My favorite shows are “The Journey Home”, Fr Corapi, Fr Groeschel (Sunday night Live, I think), Mother Angelica, Abundant Life, The World Over, Life on the Rock and I even like St Michael’s Knights (something like that!)

I will be starting RCIA on September 13th and I’m so excited. I actually started an RCIA class over a year ago but did not finish it. I have been going to Mass for a year and a half, reading lots of books, 4Marks subscriber and I belong to a Catholic online group. I can’t wait until I’m finally able to enter the Catholic Church!

This is a great place to learn! :thumbsup:


Welcome to the largest family in the world. You know how certain sects are always asking if you have a “personal relationship with Jesus?” Well, I tell them now: “Do I ever! I eat His Body and drink His Blood. You can’t get more personal than that”. (John 6:53)

How wonderful that you are on your way to full communion. Once you experience it in its fullness, you couldn’t possibly go anywhere else. I am frequently in tears when I receive, just to imagine the amazing sacrifice He made for us sinners!

Welcome home, and Christ’s peace be with you.

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