Journey hone and lifeteen

I want to thank the Lord and Mother Mary for the Journey Home program and the LIfeteen catholic webstie. They both have help me grow tremendously in my faith. Even though I’m not a teenager-I’m a single guy in my mid 30’s. And also lighthouse catholic cd’s have helped me grow a lot too!!!

I listen to catholic answers live off and on too…:slight_smile:

Any of you ever listen to journey home or read articles on lifeteen’s website?

I do. I find the articles on the LifeTeen site to be often times inspiring and exciting. I like to see our youth rallied and pumped up.

With that said, I think it is important to view LifeTeen as a stepping stone meant to lead you into a life of prayer. When all of the excitement of LifeTeen is stripped away and you are left alone as an adult between just you and Jesus in the Eucharist, you need to be able to worship just as fully as you did with the fire and passion if youth. I have known some to be involved in the LifeTeen program that have used it as a crutch in adulthood, leading to misuse of liturgy and the inability to worship in a traditional Mass. I myself am the product of LifeTeen. I gave 13 years of my life to leading a LifeTeen band. I think it is a great tool that is not intended to be life long. That’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Edit: I missed the fact that you are not a teenager. Sorry about that oversight. :slight_smile: I think the same rules apply even in adulthood, if this is what is bringing you back to the Church. Let it bring you back, let it inspire your questions and your passions and that burning, exciting love for Jesus. But I personally encourage you to take the excitement and the passion and the fire it helped to kindle and apply it to your prayer life so that you are still able to fully worship even after the music and the excitement is gone. Because the Mass is not about the music or the excitement, as *some * (some, not all) LifeTeen programs unfortunately make it out to be. It is about the crucified Christ who is bleeding and weeping for us all. :thumbsup:

Oh, I LOVE Marcus Grodi and The Journey Home!


As a revert after 20+ years away, it is fascinating to me to hear others’ conversion and reversion stories.

Not a fan of Lifeteen, frankly, but if it helps you, great! I support more traditional confirmation prep classes.

Welcome home!

WAIT! … some parishes use lifeteen* instead of* regular confirmation prep? I’ve never heard of that! Attending one “Life Night” a month was one of our confirmation prep requirements, but we still had the normal prep. All of the parishes I know of with lifeteen do the same (and I’m in CA, where that’s every single parish around).

I haven’t looked into it extensively, but how it was presented here was:

2 year mandatory attendance at LifeTeen Mass (which included all the teens swarming the altar during the consecration :eek:) (and horrible loud music).

“Hanging out” after LifeTeen Mass." (I am not sure if that is when the confirmation teaching was done).

Possibly classes although I don’t remember that being stressed.

2 YEARS of Sunday nights being away from the family (that Mass was at 4:30 p.m.) - our family NEVER missed Sunday dinner together. It just didn’t work for me. There is no need for a 2 year confirmation program. IMO of course. I do not like the programs that seem to come out of nowhere and are suddenly all the rage.

Thankfully, LifeTeen is doing their best to STOP the practice of allowing teens to surround the altar during the consecration. It is an example of how good intentions (Leading Teens Closer to Christ) lead to some major abuses. Abuses which, for the record, were instituted by local LifeTeen leaders (as opposed to written into the program itself). If there are any parishes who are still doing this practice, they genuinely need to be corrected!

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