Joyce Meyer Ministries Addresses Lingering Controversies About Financial Practices

A representative for Joyce Meyer Ministries insists that the non-profit organization has long valued transparency and financial accountability and was not, in fact, moved to make significant changes to its financial operations due to being targeted by a Senate investigation or scrutiny from investigative reports.

Meyer is a popular Bible teacher and bestselling author who is president of her namesake nonprofit and also co-founder, along with her husband, of the ministry’s St. Louis Dream Center, where Meyer occasionally preaches. The Fenton, Missouri-based Christian ministry, which enjoys the “regular support” of 405,414 donors, recently released its latest annual financial report detailing its assets, expenditures, and the results of its charitable and evangelistic endeavors. Data not included in the report, however, are the salaries paid to members of Joyce Meyer Ministries’ board of directors, specifically, to her husband and two sons. At one time, members of the Meyer family (including daughters Laura Holtzmann and Sandra McCollom) accounted for 50 percent of JMM’s board members.


I wonder how much her ministries make annually and what the salaries of Joyce, her husband and children are?

She unfortunately very popular among Catholics.

I don’t know why. Ever since she had whatever type of surgery to her mouth, I can’t stand to watch her or listen. About 20 years ago I watched her every now and then, but not anymore.

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