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**I have two questions to pose:**1. How does the Church and/or other Catholics in this forum feel about Joyce Meyer the TV preacher? When I’m channel surfing I’ll come across her show and she seems very inspirational and I feel really uplifted after watching. I am a devout Church going Catholic who wants to know if I should watch or keep surfing.
2. I am in the process of changing careers. I was in the education field for 15 years before “budget cuts” knocked me out. I have narrowed my choices for training down to
three areas but can’t decide on which one. How does one decide on such a life changing situation. I have researched each field to make sure it was the right one but when it comes down to the finality of picking one I get really nervous. Maybe it’s just nerves because its a whole new situation but its something I have to do. I’ve prayed fro guidance but still not clear answer.
Thanks for reading. Have a great day. :wink:

I have not watched her a great deal but my impression is that she has a very powerful message of self reliance on God. She seems very positive and I’ve never heard her say anything contrary to Mother Church. I would not consider her message very instructive in theology and scripture study but not harmful

Personally I can’t stand her or her brand of Evangelicalism…rarely talks about sin and often tells stories about herself rather than the bible…also it perpetuates the idea that if you are a true christian you have favor with God and if you have favor with God you will be prosperous…it is basically spiritual self help…but this is just what I see from the few times I was up at some unholy hour in the morning and watched her so a fan may se it differently

Is she not like Joel Olsteen? “Health and wealth” theology, where God means that we should have health and wealth. No mention of suffering which is something that God gives us as well. Or should I say that God permits us to have. If you are poor or not in the best of health, does her theology mean that we are not close to God?

Keep Surfing.

From the few times I have seen her, she DOES talk about suffering, but usually only in passing. She DOES tend to go the Joel Osteen “prosperity gospel” routine most of the times.
To me, she comes across more as a religious inpirational coach than a true minister of God.
Take of that what you will.

You said it Irish_Polock keep surfing until you come to ewtn where you will hear sound doctrine and the truth.

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I used to watch/listen to a lot of Joyce Meyer’s talks. She is really inspirational, especially when referencing her personal story and struggles. She is also very funny and entertaining. I understand how you would feel uplifted after hearing her, as I did as well. I do agree with the previous posters though, that you really shouldn’t spend too much time focusing on her work. Although she is very good at what she does, there isn’t too much depth there. I wouldn’t discourage your listening of her, just try not to get too caught up in it.
I understand your struggle about changing careers. My husband just quit his job and is going back to school. This was a verrrry long and hard process to discern, for both me and him. The best advice I can give you is to go with your feelings when in prayer. When you are thinking about each choice and asking God for guidance, notice which one gives you the most peace. Think about the big picture, the present and future. It also helps to write a pro and con list for each choice and really look at which one brings you more peace. Once you have come to a decision, don’t look back. Just go with it and trust that you are following the will of God.

Read this article on discernment:

Hope this helps. Will say a prayer for you.

She is a false prophet and while she is funny and talks about some of her own struggles what she is preaching is a false word of faith/prosperty gospel which is very deceptive. I came from one of those types of churches and the whole lot of them, Kenneth Hagen sr and jr, Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts, Joel Osteen are false prophets and what feel good things you get from them coats over some very dangerous teaching. No matter how it is dressed up and presented the Catholic church has the complete truth. It is too easy to want to listen to someone who makes you feel good and in funny but remember the road to hell is paved with feel good intentions and it is better to take the less traveled path to Jesus.

Joyce Meyer? I love her. She’s tough, funny, down-to-earth, and cheaper ‘n’ therapy. Catholics who bash her either have never watched her or are jealous of her success.

As for your other question, sometimes you just have to be patient.

The one time I watched it came off as the name it and claim it preaching. She went on about how she was waiting for someone to donate a million dollors. Complete turnoff.

Not only have I watched her, I had attended for a while a church that taught that stuff for a number of years. While she may be funny and engaging, she is a false prophet and the name it claim it/prosperty word of faith is very dangerous and having escaped it, I have an obligation to warn other Catholics that listen to her. There is nothing about her success to ever want to make anyone jealous and her so called success is just worldly material and money. I don’t think you know what you are talking about in support of her.
The Catholic church has so many wonderful examples and saints to admire, read about and follow than Joyce Meyers. St Theresa of Liseaux, Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Maria Grotti, etc etc. Now these are examples of real success and women we should follow instead of a false prophet like joyce Meyers.

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amen and amen and amen you hit the nail on the head.

Yeah, I find it weird that anyone can talk about “prosperity gospel” with a straight face once they read history and find that more Christians have been martyred than have been “prosperous”. I dunno, she’s a decent speaker, but it’s more like “hey look at me!” than “look at Jesus”. My bias, though. YMMV.

Hey sister.

I like Joyce Meyer too. She is a sister in the Lord. You are blessed to have a TV station with her. Thank Jesus for that.
Joyce Meyer is popular because she preaches the Gospel in an inspiring and cheerful way. So should we all, but many Catholics like to talk about the theology of suffering although Jesus went around and healed all the sick people and told His disciples that those signs would follow those who believe… and when Peter asked if he too could walk on water Jesus said “COME”… He didn’t say, what a silly thing to ask…

Joyce was abused by her earthly father when she was a child and knowing her Heavenly Father saved her life. Thats worth talking about… God gave her talents and she didn’t hide it away but made one into many…

Enjoy it. If it lifts your soul, good for you.
Besides, Joyce meyer studied the Bible very well, and she might shed light on alot of things that many Catholics don’t talk so much about…


False prophet? Please.

I really, really wanted to be Catholic since I was a kid, and if I had known what Catholics are really like…I am being driven away.

Evidently, no earthly good counts, no soul is precious to God, unless you belong to the right ‘club,’ which, judging by any number of posts, consists of backbiting, gossipy scolds. I remember the Tebow family being crucified here for daring to build a hospital while not being Catholic. I had no idea that was such a grave crime.

I’ve seen appalling cruelty on threads about deceased celebrities, posts with pleas for help, posts about the status and nature of anyone not in the club.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but this is no way to get people to want to be Catholic.

Yea… I see what you are saying. At the same time I wanna say I have respect for a lot of people on CAF. When I came here for the first time about 6 years ago because I was depressed beyond words because I had gone and done some really stupid things no one condemned me. In fact their posts and goodness was the beginning of my recvovery out of a sickening shame and sadness.

I think many Catholics have never been part of Evangelical churches so they don’t know how many fantastic things we could learn from them. And yes, often they are much better at “being Church” like God intended than we are. I just wish we could all open our eyes and combine our strengths so that we could have the fullness of the church Jesus wanted us to have… we need them and they need us.

Hugs to you good brother.

Because of this thread, I went web-surfing, and discovered something quite innnnteresting.

A while back, there was another JM thread. It was not quite so vitriolic, but I remember the OP, almost word-for-word.

It turns out this exact post appears in more than one forum (not CAF, but a variety of other ‘Christian’ forums). To the word. As though copied and pasted in many different places.

Most of those threads I researched were the work of professional detractors. As someone who has listened to JM almost daily, since before I entered RCIA, I could tell they were filled with falsehoods.

It reminded me of the sort of calumny and detraction directed at a certain popular priest who is no longer on EWTN.

So: denigrating fellow Christians. Is this the face of Catholicism?

March 3rd is the feast of St. Kathering Drexel who gave up her wealth and the wealthy home she grew up in and served native and African Americans by starting schools and hospitals. Also, St. Francis and Clare of Assisi left wealthy home to become poor in order to serve the poor. you should review to follow bible serves about wealth and suffering 2 Cor 10:9-10, 11:14-15, 11:23-30 and 12;10, Also I Tim 6:7-11,17-18, 2 Tim 2:3, 3:2,5 3:6,12 and 4:3. I Tim 5:23, St Paul told Timothy to take wine for his frequent illness, He didn’t tell Timothy that he just need more faith for healing or to name it/claim it. While you think she can quote and seems to know her Bible, there are plenty of scripture that do not support the wealth/health/God want you feel good gospel. joyce Meyers has been investigated for her finances and made herself vey rich off of her books and teachings. Like the Mike Warnke of the 70’s who was very popular, he turned out to be fraud. Please be careful and there are many more better Catholic saints to emulate than her.

I always find it sad when Christians slander other Christians. What Joyce Meyer does with her money is none of your knowlege. She has written books that have inspired thousands of people, including Catholics. What she does for charity is none of your knowlege.
I am not an advocate for health and wealth gospel… but Jesus seemed to be an advocate for the health Gospel when He healed people all over the place. Show me one place where He said: “Go and suffer well, it will make you a better person”. You will not find it. Ask anyone with cronic pain how much of life they miss out on… and how they think that if only they could rid of that pain they would be happier people. Ask people what inspires them most; to see a sick person, or to see a person get healed in the name of Jesus.

What you will find in NT is Jesus saying to his disciples that those signs will follow those who believe, they will cast out demons, heal the sick, speak in new tongues etc. This is the words for you… this is the words of measuring. It even says: “And signs and wonders CONFIRMED what they were saying”.

So I ask you, what is more credible for a person who reads the Bible, to come into an assembly where people believe in these promises of God, or an assembly where people look bored, sleepy and the sick are never publicly prayed for or seen healed?

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