Joyce Meyer

It’s been said by come critics that she has no theological education but her website says she has a PhD from Life Christian University, in Tampa. Is this an inferior school or why do some of her critics say she’s uneducated?

According to Wikipedia it is unaccredited.

PhD in what?

Along with an non-accredited University


If you like her, you like her, and if you don’t, I doubt it matters what credentials she has.

Her website says she has a PhD in Theology.

I got into the habit of watching her in the evening. Some of what she teaches on tv and in her books is good but I don’t like the fact she might not be qualified to teach.

I can’t find that.

She’s not even Catholic, so she’s not “qualified to teach” from a Catholic POV even if her Ph. D. were from Harvard, but as far as I can tell she’s not anti-Catholic, and she has a strong love for Jesus, so if you like her, listen to her, and if you don’t, then don’t.

Joyce Myer is a “false prophet”/ “false teacher” and should be avoided… I can post some good links as to why but do not want to breach any board rules…if allowed I am happy to do so.

If it’s allowed I’d like to read them.

I thought that she kind of sounds like she’s anti-organized-religion.

She may well be; I don’t actually listen to her very much. I read one of her books, and I found it helpful, but I wasn’t looking to her for theology or doctrine, or any kind of teaching on the Sacraments, or anything like that.

Why waste time learning from someone who is known to hold to a false faith when there are so many Catholic sources out there we could be reading? Listening to Joyce Meyer is like cotton candy when we could be eating steak with Thomas Aquinas, or the filet mignon of Augustine. Our own Church has given us a rich history and tradition over 2000 years and even more before that. There is no need to seek advice from the lost or follow strange shepherds.

I don’t know of any reason you should not post these links. There is no rule against it.

There is if the links the poster posts are slanderous, bear false witness, and can’t be proven, non-Catholics are no exception. Nobody deserves to have untruths posted.

If you’ve ever been down and out, no longer wanting to live, Joyce may help you, but Aquinas and Augustine will do jack something for you. Jesus never questioned the good Samaritan’s religious positions. His doctrinal soundness. Joyce has been a lifeline to many.

Might be like First Church of the Blue Suede Shoes, Deliverance.:shrug: PHD can also mean Post Hole Digging!:smiley:

There are no lifelines who hold the Catholic faith? I find that extremely hard to believe.

It is an unaccredited school. Joyce Meyer, who I have watched and even follow on Twitter, believes in the Prosperity gospel. If you give money to her Church, God will bless you. She is part of the Word of Faith movement. If you proclaim it will be given to you by the LORD. Well, as we all know, many followers of the LORD have suffered in their life and millions of Christians around the world live in horrible poverty.
I’m not judging her, but just making an observation on her statements and the reality of life on Earth for us Human Beings.

Aquinas and Augustine are no lifelines, that I know. We were discussing Joyce Meyer, I never said no such lifelines exist in the Catholic Church. Father Jacques Philippe, Jean Vanier are Catholic lifelines.

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