Joyce Meyers, Greg Laurie, Billly Graham

I admit it, I watch & listen to these three all the time!

I am Catholic & wonder if its ok to listen to evanglical protestants?

Kate, the question you need to ask yourself is whether you are knowledgeable enough about your Catholic faith to be able to discern the wheat from the chaff when listening to them. I’m not familiar with Greg Laurie, but Joyce Meyer is of the “health and wealth” variety of Protestantism so currently popular and it certainly wouldn’t be worth my time to listen to her. Why not get some tapes and cd’s from Catholic sources for your listening pleasure and spiritual growth?

Greg Laurie’s teachings are in direct contrast of the Catholic Church. I used to listen to KWVE when I lived in San Diego, he’s a good preacher, and seems honest and genuine, but I either had to listen and believe him, or believe the Church. There really isn’t a middle ground when every major point he has on salvation, faith, works, Heaven, judgement, eschatology is in direct conflict with the CC, I chose the Church for better or worse.

katesmom, i listen to joyce meyer regularly. i do not buy or donate and find a lot of what she says comforting. if its working for you, why not? you’re still a catholic right? why should she of all people persuade you to be otherwise?

Are you able to listen to Fr. John Corapi ?? He is the BEST!

(I like Billy Graham. I think Joyce Meyers is uplifting but she says the same thing over & over again. Not familar w/ Greg Laurie)

Sometimes, I think to myself, why oh why do people ask this kind of question…

It’s your tv, you live in a free country…yes, you can watch whatever you want to watch. Enough with the “guilt” already. I have watched them too…but it’s not confessional material.

there are many paths but one journey.

And this isn’t confession.

Sometimes I think to myself, why oh why do people have to criticize someone else’s thread?

If you think it’s a silly question, please, just don’t respond. Obviously it was important to the OP.

I wouldn’t reccomend that anybody listen to Joyce Meyer. She’s a false teacher.

Greg Laurie is right on, doctrinally, but I’m not a big fan of his preaching style. Of course, that’s just a matter of personal taste.

Billy Graham is OK. His Gospel is too short on repentence and he’s been known to turn new converts over to a local Roman Catholic church, so that’s a little troubling, too.

Adrian Rogers, Todd Friel, and Paul Washer are also very good.

I have read this criticism of Billy Graham before. Apparently, some Protestants are offended that Graham believes that Catholics are Christians.:frowning: I suppose from your post, Mike that you are one of those who feel Catholics need to be "Christianized?"

I never said that Roman Catholics can’t be Christians.

However, I can’t see any Biblical justification for turning new converts over to an organization that teaches the things that Roman Catholicism does.

So I guess you wanted to join a Catholic forum to do the Christian thing and turn us in the right direction. :hmmm:
Mighty kind - but a tad adversarial in approach.

No, I joined so I could be attacked and treated like ****. So far, you people are doing a great job.

I guess there’s no more point in kate’smom asking any more questions if you’re just going to attack anyone who answers.

I bet Mike is sincere; He sincerely believes that Catholicism is unbiblical, so I wouldn’t say it’s adversial, but rather, he’s trying to bring us to the fullest of biblical truth.

Hmmm - me thinks it was you on the attack. Your participation on this thread has been adversarial.

Don’t know about any other threads you participated in but you do seem to pull some punches.

Back to the topic at hand…I also recommend some EWTN tv time. Fabulous viewing.

Honestly, I don’t understand your feelings. You post that you disagree with Billy Graham sending Christians back to their Roman Catholic Church because of what it teaches (apparently wrong things in your opinion?) and then you say WE attack you and treat you like ******** ??

You come to a Catholic Forum - slam the Catholic Church and then claim that YOU are attacked??? That honestly blows me away.

Yes. In the very first thread I post in, before I can even say anything about anything, you guys call me “illiterate” and “an embecile”, yes, I do take exception to that.

You come to a Catholic Forum - slam the Catholic Church and then claim that YOU are attacked??? That honestly blows me away.

First of all, I never “slammed” anybody. That was one of your people who put words in my mouth who made it look as though I was “slamming”.

All I said is that I disagree with Billy Graham’s practice of sending new Christians to the Roman Catholic church, just as you would disagree with a Roman Catholic evangelist who sent new converts to a Baptist church.

Perhaps there should be a disclaimer on threads like this: “NO OPEN AND HONEST DISCUSSION, JUST THE ANSWERS WE WANT TO HEAR”.

I don’t think such disclaimer is neccessary. Mike, why don’t you explain your position fully?

T-m !

If I’m not mistaken. What his crusades do is direct people where they feel directed. So if I am or Catholic inquiring, they would direct me to the Catholic representatives.

Your implications are that Catholics are not Christian, hence, you should not direct seeking “new” Christians to them. The only problem is that

  1. This is a Catholic forum so to say that to us is offensive.

  2. I believe the OP is Catholic and was wondering if from the Catholic perspective she should not watch certain preachers. One poster said that the person you thought had good theology actually had bad theology from a Catholic perspective.

If the OP is Catholic, then the advice she needs is from Catholics.


If you listen to these ministers, you have to filter out a lot of their teachings that are in direct contradiction of the Churches teachings. I had been listening to Chuck Swindol for a while; I really like his commentaries of the different books of the Bible.
I would filter out all the saved by faith alone, salvation cannot be lost, scripture alone, and other teachings. I figured it was his ministry and he could preach what he believed, I would just ignore the things that I didn’t believe, I finally stopped, when he was describing the last supper, and he said “ Jesus took the bread and told his disciples take this all of you and eat it, this represents my body, and then he took the juice and said drink this, this juice represents my blood.”
That was just too much, he didn’t say Jesus spiritually meant this, he said that Jesus said that. Jesus didn’t say that, I sent Mr. Swindol an e-mail with my concern about putting words in the Lords mouth that he did not say, and really haven’t had the desire to listen again.
These ministers are good, but you have to be sure you are secure in you faith, and it’s teachings that you won’t be pulled away by their teachings.
I would think that once you hear them make anti-Catholic comments in one of their sermons, you might not want to listen to them, and it will come sooner or later, I have listen to these preachers before. They might not say it outright, but it will be there hidden in their comments.
If you can deal with that and not be swayed by their teachings then go right ahead and listen, much of what they teach is great, and enjoyable.

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