Joyous News-Finally!

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ! I was seriously considering not becoming Catholic, i became very very depressed, but then a fellw friend on this forum sent me a video. In the video it says (it’s a Bible video) that a sign that your soing God’s will is if you have :fire in the heart, joy and peace. The am nsaid he was prompted by the Holy Spirit to send it to me. And guess what? Just the other day i asked God"if this is not Your will why do i have this fire burning in my heart?" and then just a few days later(less than a week) i was sent this video! :smiley: haha i dont know maybe it’s a sign form God :slight_smile: Hopefully, and now im feeling much much better about Mass and RCIA. :smiley:

The Lord God does work in misterious ways, but we need to learn to trust Him with our hearts for he really wants the best for us.
I’ll pray for your continued learning and participation in His true Church.
Continue attending mass and pray the rosary. :slight_smile: Ahh I forgot remember your Guardian Angel in your prayers. :thumbsup:

How wonderful! We really are watched over by Saints and Angels a who make sure we get what we need when we seek it. Expect more miracles.

Oh Jesus, please help this person come closer to you

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