Joys of Purification

St. Catherine of Genoa in the AD1300’s described the joys of purgation.

“apart from the happiness of the saints in heaven, there is no joy comparable to that of the souls in purgatory…For an incessant communication with God,” she says, “renders their happiness daily more intense. And this union with God grows more and more intimate the more they are purified.”

Most google’s I do keep dredging up St. Catherine’s quotes. I have also found St. Francis de Sales saying :

as St. Francis de Sales expresses, "the Holy Souls enjoy a peace which no earthly happiness is comparable. For they are in perpetual union with God; they are completely obedient to His will, or rather their wills are merged in His, so that they desire nothing but what He desires.

Naturally as protestants all we ever heard was the comments of suffering without the comments of the also increasing joy as one comes closer and closer to God.

Who else teaches this way, preferrably prior to Catherine’s time.

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