JP 2: Old Covenant still valid?

I’ve heard that John Paul 2 seemed to suggest on several occasions that the Old Covenant was still valid even though the Catholic Church teaches that the New Covenant supplanted the Old. Is this true and could someone give me evidence showing this occurred?

My understanding is that its more of a neutral stance. The New Covenant most certainly replaced the old. We are called to be part of the New Covenant so I don’t see much point in also taking part in the old one. I don’t think it’s sinful though? I doubt the Church banned anyone from doing so. It’s pointless in today’s age though.

Even if this were the case, then the Old Covenant isn’t being fulfilled, since there are no more burnt offerings or temple sacrifices.

Laws such as those in purification rites, the washings, and those of clean and unclean food, and all sorts of other O.T. laws mainly in the books of Deuteronomy and Leviticus.
These of course are no longer observed.

The ten commandmants of the O.T. are found expressed in one way or another in the New Testiment. These may not be numbered as such but all of them are present. I believe this is what the Holy Father had referrence to and are still to be observed.

Just a thought.

Perhaps Pope John Paul II meant that the Old Covenant is still valid for those Jews who follow it. It was never valid in its entirety for Gentiles, and in order for modern-day Christians to follow the Torah Law, they would have to convert to Judaism. The latter holds non-Jews responsible only for following the Seven Laws of Noah. The Ten Commandments (a better translation is Ten Declarations) are explained in greater detail throughout the Law of the Covenant, so that following the Torah Law is actually obeying the Ten Commandments.

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