JPII statue in Rome revised

Before and after, still quite dreadful:

Commuter Alberto Donella, however, wasn’t convinced.

“It’s not him. It’s not him,” he said as he walked by the statue. “He was joyful. He was nothing like this here. For me it still looks like a refrigerator.”

I agree. If that is the kind of “art” that our generation is leaving to our posterity, I am, quite frankly, embarrassed beyond belief. Thankfully, it is not located in the Vatican. Although I will say his “cloak” is better now.

The mayor of Rome says “it is a work of great symbolic and artistic value”.

How :confused:

The author of the JPII statue said: “now form and spirit coincide”. :confused:

The face looks a little bit more like him than it did before, and less like Mussolini. But the gaping hole in the statue still resembles a public urinal

It’s hideous. :slight_smile:

I understand the want to display HH as open and generous and compassionate, etc., but I think a more realistic portrayal would accomplish that far better. A more human portrayal would appeal more, especially to those suffering from poverty or disease or another affliction, I think.

You said it.

Its a real tragedy that this is what was come up with for Blessed John Paul II.

I think that they should STAHP and redo the statue.

This should be a Catholic meme, now! :slight_smile:

From a purely artistic standpoint, I think it’s an excellent example of simplicity of form.

As far as properly portraying the Holy Father, no. If it was something else it would be great…but not for the Pope.

I am definitely not a fan of this statue. It makes him look way more “round” than what he was.

It’s modern art from a country that has given the world a lot in art.

I think the revised one looks okay. Not perfect, you could say he looks a bit portly there but on the other hand, religious type statues are common in Italy.

They are common in the US in even recently built Catholic Churches, I really am not a fan of these but it is what they are. We have one in modern bronze at a nearby Church here.

The earlier one does look like Il Duce. Really. I read a book about Italy and back in the day, Mussolini’s image was generously displayed on desks in images and in statues and that first one does indeed look like him somewhat, good observation.

It looks like his vestements are meant to give shelter in the Pope John Paul statue, looks okay.

I love JPII the Great. This monstrosity actually makes me a bit angry.


Same here. Its quite disrespectful of him in my view. I can understand wanting to show JP2 as welcoming and warm and agree that it doesn’t need to be all authoritative like the statues of St. Peter or Paul. However, surely that can be accomplished in a classy and respectful manner by creating a statue that actually looks like him rather than some modernist abstract disaster.

I agree. I can see the appeal to it; the detail of the face made my heart warm up. However, they should just remove the entire thing and make it a realistic statue (as in, two arms, two legs, one torso) of him hugging pilgrims.

Keep the head, rework the rest. That being said, it is immensely better than what it was.

An article I read indicated that the statue bore a resemblance to Mussolini, thus the change.


**Urban Legend: ***

The Concept for Pope John Paul’s “vestment” was a tribute to the understated cloak worn by
“Zero the Ghost Dog” in Tim Burton’s Classic Movie – "The Nightmare Before Christmas ! "

  • In no way affiliated with any of the eight POPE Urban(s)

Tears still coming down my face as I shake with laughter over this. :bounce::dancing::extrahappy: Must print this out and put it on my fridge to counteract any depression I will ever have again. Epic! :tiphat:

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