-walked humbley
-spoke softly
-lead with a gentle guiding hand


-walks tall
-speaks loudly
-carries a baseball bat

I can’t wait for God and Jesus to sick our new German Shepherd on the liberals in The Church.


Jason Weishaupt

Not the liberals just their dissent;) There seems to be people confused over the elation of the posters.Some of the posters think that we are happy about the liberals being upset,I am happy that truth remains firm.There is a big difference.Truth is not relative and it is important that our freinds that have been mislead to think so get reeled back in.:smiley:

Isn’t that what the title of the post infers? Even the Holy Fathers? People have apparently decided to forget the faith and go into politics instead. As if politics and politicians haven’t ruined enough on our planet.

I haven’t heard one Catholic on this Board complain about the choice of Benedict XVI and yet people are starting to sound like they are from some wayward obnoxious sect.

Yeah i have to admit that the thread title is inflamatory.I love both Popes:)

And like you, Lisa, I loved and respected him. My ancestry is Polish and German and I can still recall the excitement in our community when he was chosen. But, I’m absolutely convinced that I and other Catholics will come to love our new Holy Father in the same way and with the same tenacity.

Benedict XVI is now the shephard for ALL Catholics and this attitude that he belongs to some but not to others seems quite selfish and not based in reality.


Thekla I think you totally misunderstand my posts:nope: Our Holy Father is a shepard,just like our previous Holy Father.When we as Catholic go off on the wrong track per say,they are the Rocks who clarify what truth is so as not to be confused or lead to the wolves.There are democrats that are pro-life that have been unable to be pro-life because of their party ties and that is sad.Personally I hate that so many of our own has been sucked into the culture of death.I have very high hope that our Holy Father will remain firm and loving and continue to tell the truth in season or out of season:) Alot of us that voted for Bush were accused of not loving the poor and taking responsibility for them also being accused of being war mongers whether we supported the war or not.I voted with my conscience the lesser of two evils because without life all social issues become null and void.Personally, I would like to see a party emerge that is strong and true in both.God Bless:)

PROBLEM: Original post invokes images of physical violence on Church members
PROBLEM: Original post contains less than accurate characterization of the holy father.

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