How do you feel about the Pope JPII, In my opinion i think he is a great Pope, but he has been the only pope I have ever Known.

Like you, I have only known about JPII, but I think he has done a fabulous job. I have read about other Popes, and I have to say that JPII is my favorite. He has inspired me so much. Everyone should read at least one of his books. No one can deny that he has done great things for the church. Sure, there are some people who will say they dislike him, but I dont think these people realize everything he has done. I am so glad that he is still leading us. Remember him in your prayers!

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JP2 is not my hero anymore

He’s the only Pope I have known. I think he is a VERY GOOD Pope…and time will reveal if he was “Great.”

I also hope the next Pope will be AS, if not more so ORTHODOX as he is…and someone who is fairly young so as to do battle with the smoke of satan in the Church.

A fearless leader… Magnificent Pope… Shinning Example…

I would be totally surprised if he isn’t officially recognized or awarded the title “THE GREAT”… to be placed behind his name…

I also could not imagine his cannonization taking more than 5 years after his graduation…

Peace… :thumbsup:

The most profound Catholic philosopher since St. Thomas Aquinas. Someday, he will be considered a Doctor of the Church

So far, I am the only one who voted “OK Pope”. Yes, he will be known as a great teacher, but his “lead by example” style in a time of upheaval will be a mark against him.

And what was it with the Koran anyway? :frowning:

I think he has been a great Pope. I just wish the american bishops would do what he tells them for a change, instead of modifying church law to suit themselves.

[quote=Ham1]The most profound Catholic philosopher since St. Thomas Aquinas. Someday, he will be considered a Doctor of the Church

Amen to that! :amen:

[quote=BrianDay]So far, I am the only one who voted “OK Pope”. Yes, he will be known as a great teacher, but his “lead by example” style in a time of upheaval will be a mark against him.

I think you will be surprised when the Vatican Archives of the Reign of Pope John Paul II is opened up with all of his private writings to people all over the world and just how much he did do actively against the problems within the church and the world. (This is many many years off.)

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Greatest philosopher since St.Thomas Aquinas? Okay I’ve never heard that before…
Magnificent Pope, How many churches have closed during his reign?
The Church has gotten worse during his reign. He could of ended all of all these liturgical abuses in 1978. They were just being born back then when he became Pope. Its been 25 years and most Catholic parishes in the USA still have liturgical abuses and even more now.

Fearless leader. Nope If this Pope was fearless he would of ended Communion in the hand and altar girls. If he was fearless he would of thrown out Cardinal Mahony[Pope John Paul II do this please]Archbishop Weakland, and countless other prelates who denigrate the Faith.If he was fearless he would of allowed the Traditional Latin Mass to be said by each priest without the strict rules that encompass the Indult.[He would of done this but the French and German bishops said they would take their churches into schism] John Paul II is not the Magnificent or the Great. He is just an average Pope with a long reign who has not stopped the onslaught of attacks on the Church.

I think that John Paul II will indeed go down in history as one of the greatest Popes in the history of the Papacy, only two others have been known as Great–Gregory and Leo. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Why has he given red hats to Cardinal Kasper and Mahoney? Why is Cardinal Mahoney still an Archbishop of Los Angeles?

He has done many great things such as combating communism, but this does not exuse of things which he failed to do.

I am sorry to say, he will not be known as the Great because of the things he failed to do.

No matter what, pray fo the Pope always! Pray for our pope.

[quote=Catholic Eagle]The Church has gotten worse during his reign.

Unfortunately for him, this is arguable the worst era in the history of the world to reign in, no?:frowning:

It was difficult to put down John Paul II in a certain bracket.

I think he is great, myself, but I see him in a different light. Maybe him trying to be ‘nice’ to everybody and every faith has an ulterior motive. Maybe he is trying to act on the third secret of Fatima. Unfortunetly, while concentrating so much on that, the church needed great repairs due to the apostasy experienced so grandly all over the world. And apostasy, it is. The apostasy has caused all the repercussions we feel today…such a lack of fidelity…

Anyway, just my two cents…

I just finished a seminar on papal history:The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and there were worse times in history. And, there were some very bad popes, (morally), but they never deviated from the Sacred Truths. He is not done yet! Give him time… this terrible abuse scandal had to come to light in order to be dealt with. And you’re right! Pray! Pray! Pray! :slight_smile:

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