Judah grown up on prey


In The Book of Genesis, in Chapter 49 Verse 9, Jacob expressed:

  Judah, like a lion's whelp, you have grown up on prey, my son.      
  How had Judah grown up on  prey?


it’s a metaphor


From Haydock’s commentary

[FONT=Times New Roman,Times,serif][size=3]Ver. 9.[/size] A lion’s whelp, &c. This blessing of Juda foretelleth the strength of his tribe, the fertility of his inheritance, and principally that the sceptre, and legislative power, should not be utterly taken away from his race till about the time of the coming of Christ: as in effect it never was: which is a demonstration against the modern Jews, that the Messias is long since come; for the sceptre has long since been utterly taken away from Juda. (Challoner) — This none can deny. Juda is compared to a lion, which was the emblem of his royal dignity, and was borne in the standards of that tribe. — To the prey. Hebrew, “from the prey.” He proceeds from victory to victory. He couches, ready to fall upon his prey; and, retiring to the mountains, is still eager to renew the attack. (Calmet) — Read the history of David and of Solomon, who, both in peace and war, were a terror to the surrounding nations.


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