Judaism and Hinduism, truth? how old?


According to Wikipedia, tradition claims that Judaism is about 1700 BC.
According to Wikipedia, too, Hinduism is regarded as about 5000 BC.

How old is Judaism according to actual scholarship? Wikipedia is very vague on this.

And also, let us assume that Hinduism is older than Judaism, how is one to answer God’s apparent delay on revealing truth to Man?
And if we take Genesis account that God was with Man since the begining (that is, fully revealed to Man), then what good explanation for this is there? (Besides taking Genesis in a figurative way).

I don’t know if my questions are clear enough, but I hope to get some light on this.

God bless


It depends upon how you define “Judaism” and “Hinduism”. If Judaism comes after Moses, then it’s about 3200 years old. I don’t think you can claim that Abraham practiced “Judaism”, since he didn’t have the Torah. Abraham is more properly understood as a devotee of the God later also claimed by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

From archaeological evidence in Pakistan and India, we know that many key elements found in Hinduism today, existed in the Indus Valley Civilization, which goes back at least 5000 years ago.

I don’t see where anyone can claim that Judaism was the ‘first’ religion, since the God of Judaism was worshipped before Moses (and the Torah) appeared on the scene, even before Abraham appeared on the scene. But the truth of Judaism is not dependent upon Judaism being the ‘first’ religion. One can easily imagine how God slowly revealed Himself in greater and greater fullness, over time.


Here is something you might find interesting

Historical scholarship suggests that the text was written in the 9th or 10th century as part of the development of the bhakti traditions.[3] However, Hindu religious tradition holds it to be one of the works of Vyasa written at the beginning of Kali Yuga (about c.3100 BCE).[4]

Some argue that the Purana’s mention of the Vedic Sarasvati River as a great river (maha-nadi) is evidence of the Purana’s traditional date,[5] since the river dried up about 2000 BCE. Interdisciplinary and intertextual studies[6] are appearing which try to confirm the ancient status of this Purana.

i always had a hard time with Hinduism because everytime i would do research i can not find validated an agreed upon date.


One possible way of dating Hindu texts is to examine the astronomical references within the text. For instance, the spring equinox nowadays happens when the sun is at 7 degrees Pisces; but 2000 years ago, the sun at the spring equinox was at about 5 Aries. Apparently, many ancient Hindu texts contain references of datable astronomical phenomena. The question, though, becomes (1) are such references accurate, and, if they are, (2) how much of prehistory Western historians would have to re-write.


According to the Jewish Calendar we are in the 5767 year since creation. August 29, 2007 / 15 Elul 5767

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