Judaism: emphisizes the importance of life


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So my question…how do you justify what you wrote in regards to this?? Does not sound like** ALL** life is important

Jewish law*** not only permits, but in some circumstances requires abortion. Where the mother’s life is in jeopardy because of the unborn child, abortion is mandatory. ***An unborn child has the status of “potential human life” until the majority of the body has emerged from the mother. Potential human life is valuable, and may not be terminated casually, but it does not have as much value as a life in existence. The Talmud makes no bones about this: it says quite bluntly that if the fetus threatens the life of the mother, you cut it up within her body and remove it limb by limb if necessary, because its life is not as valuable as hers. But once the greater part of the body has emerged, you cannot take its life to save the mother’s, because you cannot choose between one human life and another. "


THat’s correct. Judaism makes places a higher priority on the life of the mother than the fetus. I don’t see how that negates what I stated in antoher thread – that Judaism emphaises life and that we are meant to live by Torah, not to die by it.


So in what you are saying is that Jews do not "emphisize the importance of life."…since one life is more imprtant than another:frowning:


No. I am saying Judaism emphasises the importance of life. You are saying that you interpet the holding in Judiasm that the mother’s life takes precedence over the fetus as proof that I am wrong.


btw, the thread you were referring to has not been taken down, but I don’t see this question posted there.


You are wrong, IMHO.
A mothers life is no more important than an unborn childs life.
How do you see Judiasm** emphasising life** as important if abortion is allowed and even recommened in some cases?


Under your scenario, if the only way to save the child is to kill the mother, do you kill the mother?


You dont do either :slight_smile:


and so both die, in your view?


Wrong thread Valke2…
it was the thread where you called RomanCrusader an idiot…that one has gone.


what you are saying is that Jews emphasis life but it is ok to kill an unborn child…that is not emphasising life that is an emphasis that not all life is important.


No that thread is still there. The post that I called him an idiot on may have been deleted.


ok. So, from your perspective, both lives are forfeit. From Judaism’s perspective, the life of the mother is saved. So I don’t see how you can draw the conclusion that Judaism does not emphasize life.

Also Judaism does not accord a fetus the same status as a born person. Although the fetus is considered life, it does not have all of the same rights as person. Which is why, if it comes down to saving the mother or the fetus, the mother is saved.



link to the thread you were talking about.


Nope you try and save BOTH lives…you do not discard the unborn child just because it is a “partial life


nope that was not it…
does not matter Valke2 as the question was reposted here for you to reply to.:smiley:


you’re right. May have been a different thread. I showed remarkable restraint with him on the other one. I should get an award.


Exactly…jews do not view all life as sacred, born or unborn or worth a life. That is why it is ok for a jew to murder an unborn child!


Well, in Judaism, if the mother’s life is in danger, she takes precedence.


A reward because his point of view differed from yours???

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