Judaism Froze After the Incarnation?

Judaism was a long and thriving religion of great prophets and wisdom - and then, with the Advent of Christ, it somehow became ossified. Or so it seems true from my (largely untutored) perspective. :blush:

Is this true, either from a Judaic or Catholic perspective?

How do Jews explain this? How to Catholics understand this?

I have a sister who is “Jewish” but talking with her about it leaves me with the impression that it’s a very dead … * philosophy? She doesn’t really seem to believe in, well, anything? Maybe it’s just her Synagogue? Not sure. :shrug:*

Judaism didn’t freeze, but it did take a radical change after the destruction of the Second Temple, which happened on the same day that the First Temple was destroyed. I don’t know why, but Judaism had become a rabbinic Judaism, purged its Scriptures of non-Hebrew books, replaced holocausts with mercy and prayer (but it’s based on scriptural verses), and reinterpreted the Scriptures (for example, the Songs of the Suffering Servent is interpreted as Israel, while in pre-Temple destruction times it was interpreted as Israel and as the Messiah; see, for example, Philip telling an Ethopian enunach what the Songs mean).

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