Judaism: How do non-Jews achieve "salvation" (if they can at all)?


If one takes Catholicism seriously, it’s a lot tougher than you might think. Any devout Catholic has a rather rigorous and extraordinary path of religiosity. Daily Masses, rosaries, reading the Divine Office, studying the Bible, penance, etc. It can be an arduous journey, no different from the rigors of other faiths.


I do appreciate that Catholics can be pretty OCD as well - I’m half Italian and appreciate the everywhere-ness of it all in the lives of the pious.


I would not say it is hard… it is more of practice it becomes a habit once you get into the rhythm of it, it is not hard. I see this in most persons who take their faith seriously.

Jews pray the essential parts of the Divine office … shacharit (lauds), minchah (sext), and mariv (vespers). The Divine Office in its essential parts is a Jewish prayer.


Yes, no need to state the obvious. I am quite familiar with Jewish prayer. My point was simply that a devout Catholic, while not having to adhere to the ~613 commandments of the Torah, still has an arduous religious path if taken seriously. Kaninchen appears to agree. It’s all a matter of degrees.


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