Judas and the kiss of death?


Maggie, why do you avoid my questions?

*Scripture had to be fulfilled.* 

No argument, and I continue, **someone **had to betray Jesus. If someone **has** to betray him, how can we justify the total blame on him, he's simply fulfilling God's desire as part of a Devine plan.? 

 *Why Judas?*

That's not my question, and I'm not letting you by on this one. Again, ... Could there not be a Judas? any Judas?

*He was not willed into the role.* 

God desired someone to betray Jesus as part of His plan.
Right or wrong? 

*he did believe that Jesus is the Christ*. 

No evidence to this, but for sure we know it was Peter who knew for certain, not Judas. Peter answered the question posed by Jesus “And who do you say that I am”?.

  • I do not recall mentioning any ill intent. Are you putting words into my mouth?

*No, Your quote:

“…Judas saw the miracles first hand, he heard the homilies, the parables and more than likely on numerous occasions had been forgiven for his transgressions. Yet, he failed to recognize that Jesus did not come to create an earthly kingdom but a heavenly kingdom.** Now if you were an ambitious young man in that era, and you discovered that the Messiah had arrived, would you want to be one of his followers in the belief that this might just gain you a position of power?”

***The other Apostles thought in the same way, and there are many times where it is mentioned that Jesus told them that they do not understand.


*There was no malevolence involved initially*.

Contradiction, see bold type above.

*  We know too little about him to draw conclusions about his nature.
  • Huhhh???*

Judas reflected the attitude of the zealots as well as that of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, Scribes, and …

*the whole jewish population.

 * ..... the desire for power.   


* However, what made them bit players?* 

The **desire** of God that it be so, betrayal included. 

*and then it was Jesus who placed Judas in the inner circle of the twelve.* 

Jn 13,18 “What I say is not said of all, for I know the kind of men I chose.”

Deliberate placement in danger? How does that reconcile with NT scriptural warnings to stay away from bad people?

My purpose here is the fullfillment of Scripture.

Roll casting, someone had to do it, and he chose Judas. The person, any person where it is known wrong will be chosen, was picked to fulfill a requirement. Judas’s choice of wrong was used for a purpose, whether predicted or not, it was convenient for the purpose. The fullfillment of God’s desires, is the fullfillment of good.

  He who partook bread with me has raised his heel against me.
             Not a surprise, a planned event.



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