Judas Escariot


The common story of Judas tells us that after his betrayal of Jesus he gave the money back to the high priest. He then went out and hung himself with a halter. In The Acts of the Apostles we are told that he took his blood money and purchased a piece of land. While walking on this land he fell and his body was split open and his insides were spilled onto the ground. Which is true? Why are two stories in the bible?


This explains the two possibilities:


They are the same story…judas did indeed hang himself after the betrayal and crucifixion. Hanging himself, his body was found on the Sabbath, and according to Jewish law nobody could cut him down on the sabbath . By the time he was cut down, his body was bloated and filled with gases as a result of decomposition. When the rope was cut, his body bloated body fell and split open like a balloon, and his insides did indeed spill on the ground.

So there is no contradiction, only the telling of events from different perspectives.


Also, someone had to betray Jesus, if not Judas it would have to have been someone else. Judas realised the enormity of his betrayal and sought to reverse the situation by handing back the blood money. In his turmoil he made a further blunder, that of not trusting that Jesus would or could forgive him. His type of hanging would not have meant instant unconsciousness or death, so who knows what went on in his mind, if anything, before his actual death - except him and of course, God.


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