Judas - Necessary Evil?


The topic of Judas has been a very interesting topic for me. I’ve often wondered if Judas wasn’t a predestined pawn in the eventual plan of God. I know that evil is never in God’s plan. For example, I don’t think one can say that it was God’s plan for Lucifer to revolt. But, I think it can be agreed that it was God’s plan that Jesus be betrayed in order to die for our sins. Otherwise, there would be no saving grace. So, in a direct sense, without Judas, there would be no sacrifice and we wouldn’t be saved.

So, if it was God’s plan to be sacrficed for our sins, and the betrayal was part of that plan, how could Judas not have been also part of that plan?


All it shows is that God knew in advance what would happen, not what he manipulated people to do, but what He knew they would do.


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