Judas Today


Sometimes I want to respond to the vicious attacks against our Holy Father and our Catholic Faith but it all seems useless. There are those who hate the Catholic Church and it has nothing to do with the scandals. The reports on the scandals are just an opportunity for them to get away with their slanderous insults. Others, who claim to be Catholic are also are quick to condemn “this” pope. I wonder why. Here is what Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV has to say. Listen to Judas Today

These attacks are not really about sexual abuses. If they were then the Catholic Church would be recognized for its current policies. You would see stories about schools, scouting organizations, and others who have not taken the steps we have.

The attacks are meant to weaken us as a force which has not embraced the liberal agenda. If we were to embrace abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, relativism, women priests, etc. then we would no longer see such attacks. Of course, we would also no longer represent truth.

Totally, 100% agree!


It makes me wonder how much longer will “they” be able to keep the lid on what`s been happening in these secular organizations.

We know the Church can`t fail: Her enemies have been predicting it for almost 2,000 years.
The vultures will have to look elsewhere.

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