Jude 9


What does this New Testament verse mean?

"But when the Archangel Michael, contending with the devil, disputed about the body of Moses . . ."


Paraphrased & quotes from the Ignatius Study Bible : The archangel Michael is the guardian angel of the People of God (Daniel 10:21, 12:1). “He leads the angelic armies of heaven into war against Satan and his hosts (Revelations 12:7-9)” This passage is likely from a Jewish Legend, The Assumption of Moses. “The extant version lacks a conclusion, stopping before the death of Moses, but several early Church Fathers tell us that the story comes from this source.”



D-R Bible, Haydock Commentary:

Ver. 9. When Michael, &c. We do not find this in any other canonical Scripture, so that St. Jude must either have had it from some tradition among the Jews, or from some writing which he, by the Spirit of God, knew to be true. It is not expressed on what account this dispute or strife was, betwixt St. Michael and the devil, about the body of Moses. The common interpretation is, that St. Michael conveyed the body of Moses out of the way, and from the knowledge of the Israelites, lest they should pay to it some idolatrous worship; whereas the devil, for that end, would have it buried, so that the people might know the place and adore it. See Deuteronomy xxxiv. 6. where it is said, “and no man hath known of his sepulchre until this present day.” (Witham) — Contended about the body, &c. This contention, which is no where else mentioned in holy writ, was originally known by revelation, and transmitted by tradition. It is thought the occasion of it was, that the devil would have had the body buried in such a place and manner, as to be worshipped by the Jews with divine honours. — Command thee, or, rebuke thee. (Challoner)


Thank you both for enlightening me - now it makes sense.:knight1:


I don't know how much help it will be, but I have some insight into this passage in the following article on my blog. Infallibility & How The Apostles Taught the Study of Sacred Tradition.

If nothing else it shows us that the apostles made reference to Jewish Sacred Tradition and writings.


Wow! Thank you. Your site is wonderful; I need to read the article carefully; but, I am sure your site will enrich my understanding of my Faith.:newidea:


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