Judge: 10 more days to decide ruling on Indiana's abortion law


A federal judge said she will take at least 10 more days to decide whether to halt enforcement of a new state law banning Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood, but that she realizes “time is of the essence.”

Judge Tanya Walton Pratt made that comment in federal court today after Planned Parenthood’s attorney testified that the health provider could have to close six of its 28 centers if the state continues to withhold its Medicaid funding.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana also argued that the new state law violates a federal Medicaid rule against limiting Medicaid patients’ freedom to choose where they receive services – and cited a letter federal Medicaid officials sent the state Wednesday that said de-funding Planned Parenthood would break that very rule.

Pray that justice be done.

that’s silly.If PP is defunded one is not taking away one’s right to be able to go to any place she want to go to get services.It just means there is one less place.

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