Judge allows public school commencement at church

MILWAUKEE – A federal judge ruled Tuesday that a Wisconsin school district may continue to hold its graduation ceremonies in a church because the location doesn’t necessarily make it a religious event.

U.S. District Judge Charles Clevert ruled in a lawsuit brought by Americans United for Separation of Church and State against a district in a Milwaukee suburb. The group had argued that the setting violated students’ and parents’ constitutional rights by creating an atmosphere that makes non-Christians uncomfortable.

The Elmbrook School District plans to use Elmbrook Church for Brookfield Central and East high schools’ commencement ceremonies on Saturday and Sunday. School district officials say they chose Elmbrook Church and its 3,200-seat capacity for convenience and comfort. Brookfield Central has held its graduation there since 2000, Brookfield East since 2002.


It wasn’t too long ago - a little less than 20 years - when I attended my public high school’s benediction in the high school auditorium. A tradition more than antiquated now unfortunately.
Good for this judge. :slight_smile: Imagine, the “horrors” of “facing” the cross. :rolleyes:

yeah i had the same thing 8 years ago. i guess some people just hae too much free time.

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