Judge confirms ‘criminal investigation’ into Clinton emails

The FBI is conducting a high-stakes “criminal investigation” into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email practices, a federal judge confirmed Tuesday in a memo that said her tech guru can keep his immunity agreement private.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, who has now reviewed the immunity agreement between Bryan Pagliano and the Justice Department, said the document should remain sealed “because the government’s criminal investigation through which Mr. Pagliano received limited immunity is ongoing and confidential.”

Mr. Pagliano, who set up and maintained the secret server Mrs. Clinton used to conduct government business, has agreed to cooperate with the FBI in its probe in exchange for being shielded from prosecution.


So, this where we have come to. We place our hope for winning in November on this. We can’t beat Hillary straight up, so we hope a judge will help knock her down for us.


It would be if the two were mutually exclusive but they simply are not. That said as a Independent I believe in the justice system, and thats all I want and I believe most assimilated americans agree. And I agree with Hillary…

Hillary: People Under FBI Investigation Should Lose Constitutional Rights

:thumbsup: So she shouldn’t be running for president of the USA? :confused:

Not to say justice should not be served, but I pray for a just resolution, that also spares our country and the world of the tumult that would result in the election of Donald Trump.

But Hillary and her better thinking would save us from her? So she was right below?

Hillary: People Under FBI Investigation Should Lose Constitutional Rights


With Trump as the nomination, it is not as if Republicans can run on the character or principle of their candidate either.

“At least he is not about to be brought up on criminal charges” is about as good as it gets, now that the American people have spoken on who they want to lead them into the next four years.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m starting to debate whether the parties should do away with the primaries and just pick their own candidates, or at least have candidates be subject to their approval. :shrug:

Yeah, it’s distasteful, but ANYONE BUT TRUMP.

What are the odds that Trump would get booted out of office withing three months of the inauguration if he wins? Because on certain days, I feel as though a vote for Trump will effectively be a vote for his running mate.

Interesting discussion…subscribed,

That’s how it was up until the “Progressive Era”. That’s when primaries became a thing. And all they’ve done since is cement a two party system.

That’s like playing Russian Roulette, and a chance I’m not willing to take…the solution to heading of catastrophe is ANYONE BUT TRUMP.

:slight_smile: Honesty? :thumbsup:

I think both parties need to see their candidates. They are so divisive, the most recent polls have both of them with high disapproval ratings.

I would hope both parties just told their nominees, thanks but were going with someone else. It would cause turmoil at first but if you select positive individuals that bad blood will go away.

I agree–it is a choice of who is the lesser evil and who will do less damage. I feel the Supreme Court alone tips the choice to Trump.

If Trump loses, that means Hillary wins. Everyone who refuses to vote for Trump, casts at least a half vote for Hillary, which means those people want a third Obama Presidency and they want leftist judges appointed to the Supreme Court and they want no changes to all the programs installed by the Democrats.

If Clinton defeats Trump, everyone should look to see who her VP is as he/she may very well be who is president much of the next four years if she is convicted of wrongdoing.

I agree. I think the Supreme Court is an important issue and that tips me toward Trump at times; however Trump’s making fun of a disabled reporter and his comments regarding Mc Cain being captured as a POW just make it impossible for me to vote for Trump.

First year I feel like voting Independent for Clinton’s pro abortion stance sickens me just as much.

It’s a difficult election year.


I highly doubt she’ll even be charged. But if she is, I’m guessing she’ll be pardoned and it will be spun as a relatively minor violation of the law.

Funny, I see Hillary as a catastrophe so, anyone but Hillary. I just wish the choice were someone other than Trump.

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