Judge declares intentional beating for a miscarriage- an abortion

Another sick example of the “Culture of Death”


Well maybe this will bring it to light that you can’t have it both ways. It’s murder, no matter who performs it. Just because someone is a doctor doesn’t somehow exempt them.

I’m speechless.

The law makers are hypocrites.

It should make no difference how the baby is killed; if abortion by doctor is legal, should abortion by beating should also be. The intent of the mother and the result are the same: a dead child.

This is absolutely sickening. As if abortion by ‘doctors’ is bad enough, you have this happening.

With all the screwy c**p going on in the world today, one wonders which trumpet blast we’re up to.


This will now be considered health care. It will now be affordable and legal.

The inmates are running the asylum.

"The furor erupted after Judge Larry Steele ruled that while the teen’s actions were “shocking and crude,” they fit the state’s definition for an abortion "

I think the judge understands a thing about medical abortions either. “Shocking and crude” does not even begin to describe an abortion done by abortionists.

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