Judge Delivers a Blow to Proposition 8 Supporters Judge: Anti-Gay Marriage Donors Must Be Public

If this results in injury or death of someone who supports traditional marriage by the hand of a militant who does not, I wonder if the judge will have any regrets?

Judge Delivers a Blow to Proposition 8 Supporters
Judge: Anti-Gay Marriage Donors Must Be Public
Thursday, January 29, 2009
By Steve Lawrence, Associated Press

Sacramento, Calif. (AP) - A federal judge has denied a request to keep secret the names of donors to California’s anti-gay marriage initiative.

U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr. ruled Thursday that the state’s campaign disclosure laws are intended to protect the public and are important during expensive initiative campaigns.

Supporters of Proposition 8 had sought a preliminary injunction to hide the identities of those who contributed to their campaign.

The initiative was approved by voters in November. It overturned a state Supreme Court ruling that allowed gay marriage.

Reports that identify those who donated within two weeks of the election or afterward are scheduled to be publicly released Monday.


Since these “militants” haven’t killed any one during the three months since the election, I would say its highly unlikely that they will do so now that emotions have cooled down.

But they have vandalized several churches and disturbed the peace…How long do you think it’ll be before somebody resorts to that?

I say let the Prop 8 supporters be public - then I’ll know whose products to load up on! :wink:

Also where to shop. Are we willing to go to their WEB sights and purchase from them. If you do let them know you found them through the “public” records on their donations. It won’t make them safer but it just might warm their hearts.

Good…now I know who’s house to egg

I kid of course, but this should be interesting, I have family in cali, it’ll be interesting to see if they donated to prop 8.

I very much disagree. They’ve engaged in vandalism both before and after the election. I do not believe they have “cooled down.”

A friend of mine says they have, then again, he may be biased, but then again you may be as well.

The Anti-Prop 8 people are pretty bold. I wouldn’t be suprised if they used the donor list as a “hit list” so to speak.

Not to harm or hurt others by anymeans, I’ve never really seen that from the gay rights people, but to harass, absolutaly.

Boy, I’ll bet if the tables were turned, the gay supporters would get total and complete protection from the “crazy religious bigots”. :mad:

I doubt it, I really do. If the religious bigots moaned and groaned enough(like some of the anti prop 8 people did) that info as well

Count it all joy when you fall into diverse presecution…

Or in this case, deviant persecution.

Oh yes, vandalism obviously leads to murder. If you are willing to spray paint a building, you won’t think twice about killing someone.

Why do you think so?

Does this ruling mean that the lists of all the donors to the ‘No on 8’ campaign will also be released to the public?


But either way, I don’t think they’d mind as much as those who supported 8

Yes, it was. I remember searching both lists in the wake of the Prop 8 vote. But I didn’t bookmark the link, so you’d have to Google for it.

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