Judge Dismisses Rudy's Suit

This is simply not how the Constitution works,” Brann wrote.

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“Even assuming that they can establish that their right to vote has been denied, which they cannot, Plaintiffs seek to remedy the denial of their votes by invalidating the votes of millions of others. Rather than requesting that their votes be counted, they seek to discredit scores of other votes, but only for one race. This is simply not how the Constitution works,” Brann wrote.

Ouch. He’s a member of the Federalist Society, for those concerned about his views.


I’ve heard do not be concerned about lower court decisions.

How long is this nonsensical farce going to go on? It makes your country look idiotic on the world stage at this point.


Probably until they drag Trump, kicking and screaming, out of the White House.

I agree. It’s not a good look.


It is not a nonsensical farce. It is the process of exercising one’s rights. It will go on as long as the courts are at work. It is how our system works. My sense, however, is that it will end before the electors meet to determine the president.

Honestly, that shouldn’t matter to any American. Our system works very well. It is working well now.


Of course, the groundwork for the narrative will have been set up by then.


Oh, the fantasy of the American left. First they imagined that Mueller would escort Trump out in cuffs. Now this.
The electors will decide and, as it appears now, Biden will be inaugurated in January.


Donald Trump is beginning to look a lot like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills and all that.

I’m beginning to think that at some point, the Republican Party is going to realize how ridiculous we look on the world stage. Yes, Trump has a legal right to file lawsuits. It’s the point that nothing is sticking that’s giving him a bad look…and the Republican Party with him. I think many Republicans will begin to push for an end to this…beyond the the ones already called RINOs.


The groundwork for the process is in the constitution - the division of powers.
I don’t know what narrative those over the pond are expecting.
If it is Trump holed up in the White House with an AR-15, please tell them don’t be silly.

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No, we’re not that silly, we’d hope he’d chose higher power weapons…

More seriously, Trump excels at starting up stories and sowing chaos and disorder long in advance of an evidence and then running up and down saying, ‘I told you so.’


No. He looks like an American exercising his rights. I know that’s not in vogue for some on the left, but it isn’t lord of Lamancha.

The Republicans, hopefully, will stay out of it snd let the process proceed.

Please inform the progressive left.

Only because the dishonest DNC media is spinning their idiotic Orange Hitler narrative.


No, it’s the court of law that is dismissing his “cases”. The media might be taking glee in it but I don’t think the courts are paying much attention to MSMs opinions. He is losing in court. Plain and simple.


I’m hoping they either have evidence or go home. But they shouldn’t stop because of what progressives say. You know, the ones who have denied the legitimacy of his presidency, or the ones who still claim Abrams won in Georgia. Rank hypocrisy, all of them.

Please ignore our dishonest media as much as you can.


Sure you have. They’re the ones who have cowered at decades of accusations of racism by the real racists in the Democratic Party. Hopefully they’ll grow a spine now that Trump showed them how not to cringe.

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Isn’t that what courts are supposed to do? Make rulings? Is this somehow harming the system or affirming it?

The courts are not the ones making the ridiculous claim that this is a coup No one goes through the courts in order to perpetrate a coup. That’s just an idiotic conclusion.

He is. And when it is done, the EC will determine the president elect. The system and process are working the way they are supposed to.


Many attribute the intelligence failures that led to to the 9/11 terrorist attacks being successful were attributed to the delayed transition to the Bush administration because of the 36 day delay due to the Florida recount and contested votes. Yes, Trump has the legal right to delay as long as he can. This year, maybe it is not 9/11. Maybe it is the delay in getting a smooth transition to the Biden coronavirus task force. But the American people are sure to be the losers the longer this drags on.


No. Many misinterpret the report that way. We can attribute 911 to Clinton’s failure to stop bin laden when he had the chance.

After the court decided, the EC selected Bush. He was inaugurated at exactly the right time.

Nothing has been delayed.

Again, nonsense. Nothing is being delayed.


Just so we’re clear…I agree that he’s not attempting a coup. He’s just desperately trying to figure out a way to win and not have to accept that he lost. He has every right to go to court. He’s just not accomplishing anything other than to throw distrust in our election process…on that, he’s unfortunately succeeding with some loyalists.

This is an attempted coup, @Pattylt. Plain and simple.

Added: please don’t underestimate the threat this demagogue poses to our system of government and our way of life. There’s nothing that’s out of bounds for him.

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