Judge Dismisses Rudy's Suit

In some states the mail-in votes weren’t allowed to be counted before Election Day. It would stand to reason Election Day mechanics would be handled first. It just so happened the mail-in votes would be counted last. This was expected.

No one can ever convince the anti-vaxxers that being inoculated against diseases actually helps to stay healthy. Or that the moon-landing actually happened. Or that the Loch Ness monster is just the figment of their imagination.

And, guess what; no one wants to convince you either. You believe whatever you believe, and we have our opinion about you.


Al Gore won Florida in 2000 and most people went to bed.

Then Bush pulled ahead in the wee hours of the days, and Gore unwon Florida.

Nothing like that happened this year, but maybe that is what you are remembering?

John Kerry won Ohio in 2004 according to exit polling. And then late in the day, voters for Bush showed up in unexpected numbers and Bush carried the state. This was missed by most of the world because the lead was never reported. No obvious drama.

Nothing like that happened this year. Maybe that is what you are remembering?

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Yes, if the Trump conspiracy theories are to be believed, under his presidency, the Democrats have become literal gods… all powerful boogeymen who successfully eradicated the American experiment without breaking a sweat. Trump supporters truly grant the power of gods to the Democrats. It’s actually a compliment in a way… I’m sure Biden et al wish they had the godlike supreme power over history that Trump supporters believe they do.


Our legal system is not just trials in court. It is a system for bringing opposing views together to find a shared resolution. It is lawyers negotiating settlements to avoid trials. And it is lawyers convincing their clients that there is no point to pursuing a lawsuit if there is no reason behind it.

Lawyers have abandoned Trump’s cause, but Trump has pushed on despite having no law and no evidence behind him. He has found other lawyers to further his cause, instead of learning he should not be pursuing this cause.

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And yet, they neglected to take the Senate.
That does not compute.


That’s amazing that they could do all that, yet couldn’t manage to convict him in the senate and remove him through impeachment.

They regrouped really efficiently since February. With a pandemic going on as well.

They were able to manipulate approval ratings for Trump, that never went over 50% and hovered around 40%.

They were able to get into his Twitter feed and tweet out conspiracy theories to persuade the Trump voters to not trust absentee ballots. Without him even noticing.



It’s a rare day when I agree with Christie. But here we are.


So, loser pays.

Not exactly. Just because someone loses, it does not mean that the lawsuit was frivolous.

There is this thing called discovery. Not until then does even the court know what it needs to know.

How do you know if there is evidence?
But either way, if there is no evidence, the case is thrown out. And the case is settled.
That’s how it works.

It isn’t up to you whether he should continue to pursue the case. I suspect he doesn’t have enough evidence, and the focus would better spent winning the Georgia senate races. But thst isn’t my decision, either.

Like I said, I’m in favor of loser pay in civil suits.

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As I recall, Gore was declared by the media to have won.
But the polls in the panhandle had not closed.

By the time they had, Gore had lost his lead.

Then they started recounts.
And they kept doing recounts.
And they were caught manufacturing votes for Gore.

Yeah, that part never happened.


Yes, it did.
Reference the “hanging chad”.

I remember it well.

Some were meant for Gore. But went for Buchanan by deceptive design.



…meet kettle.

“Do unto others as you would like them to do to you.” How can you complain about people who took the very same position you take?


A “deceptive design” that thousands of others had absolutely no problem with.

The real problem was during the recounts poll workers were looking at ballots and claiming to know the “intention” of the voter…and would then count the vote for Gore.

The supreme court looked at this fraud in process, and put a stop to it.

Those are not the facts of the case. Suggest you read Bush v Gore.

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But those are facts.

The recounts that were being done were an attempt to falsify the voting data.

I refer you to the various stories concerning the dangling chad, or the dimpled chad, or the dented chad.

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