Judge: Ethan Couch to remain in jail



Judge: Ethan Couch to remain in jail

FORT WORTH - Three days after turning 19, Ethan Couch got a bitter taste of justice in adult court Wednesday morning. The “affluenza” teen who was convicted of killing four people in a 2013 drunk driving crash could be in jail much longer than he expected.“He’s an adult. He should be treated like one,” prosecutor Lloyd Welchel told District Judge Wayne Salvant.
“I don’t think there’s any question about that,” the judge replied.
But there are plenty of other questions about how law applies to this unusual case. The defense and prosecution disagree over the correct statute to be used.

Ethan Couch was convicted of killing Hollie Boyles, Shelby Boyles, Breanna Mitchell and Brian Jennings in a June 2013 drunk driving crash. (Photo: WFAA)
Prosecutors argue the judge is required give Couch at least 120 days confinement as a condition of probation. Defense attorneys contend the law doesn’t require any mandatory jail time, and that the maximum would be 180 days if the judge decides it’s appropriate.
“Under the law, he has not been convicted of a felony; he is an adjudicated delinquent,” defense attorney Reagan Wynn told the judge. “This is a strange hybrid beast.”

All sides agree it is a “strange hybrid” case involving both juvenile and adult jurisdiction. But prosecutors say Couch is a convicted felon, and they transferred his juvenile case as four separate felony charges – one for each victim Couch killed while driving drunk. Defense attorneys object to that, too.
The judge sided with prosecutors. Salvant gave Couch 180 days for each of the four counts, and ordered them to be served consecutively.
That’s another two years in jail before he can be released to finish his probation.

Quite a bargain, serving 180 days each for killing four people. :mad:


He actually got off quite easy.


Yes he did, and it disgusts me wealthy people are treated so much different in our legal system, but from what I recall when I watched a news piece about him, his family is not THAT wealthy, I think they own a couple auto repair or auto body shops, who knows, maybe they are top tier wealthy for the area they live in.

He may be in jail, but I doubt he is being treated as a regular inmate either. LOL


There are not many cases where I think one or more of the parents should be held accountable (nature vs. nurture), but this is one.


If he had been a young black kid he would’ve gotten 15 years


That light? He probably would have been shot and ever made it to court.

I respect law enforcement and the tough job they have to do, but a few bad apples have been spoiling the barrel recently. They need to protect the lives of the people they arrest as well.


In fairness to this judge, it was the other lady who treated him as minor and gave him the slap on the wrist for the driving deaths. Once that was done, there was nothing anyone could do.

The current judge’s ruling was only for bail jumping, and actually gave him the max allowed by the law, far more than the Prosecutor even requested.

The blame lies with Ethan, his parenting-bereft parents, his aiding and abetting mother who faces far more jail time (deserves as much) and original judge who decided she needed to retire promptly after letting this punk off easy the first time.


Deaths from careless or drunk driving have always resulted in much lighter sentences than murder 1 or 2.

I was disturbed by his original sentence but am OK with a teen just getting several years behind bars. I doubt the other inmates will fawn over him the way his parents did.


That’s why he’s in solitary confinement.

What ever did happen to his mother? Is she jailed for helping him pull a runner?



Maybe it’s a really poor choice of words, but his step brother said that Ethan “has gotten over this”. Wow.


maybe not the other inmates, but the state or county that runs the jail knows it is responsible for all those people while they are there, I doubt they would want a huge lawsuit if he was somehow injured or worse while in custody.

Plus, jails in general are corrupt places to begin with, how do you think all the prisons are filled with drugs and contraband? Now comes a young wealthy kid, I can see quite a few jail employees getting friendly with him if they think it could benefit them somehow. lol


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