Judge grants Chelsea Manning name change




I have little interest in the current activities of this man. He is a traitor to his country. He should be ashamed of himself, but likely isn’t, and is precisely where he should be…in prison. His changing his name or wearing women’s clothing is not news worthy. The only time he should be mentioned is in relation to treason.


This is incredibly sad. This person should never have gotten a “sex change”. The fact is that one cannot change their sex. Your sex remains the same throughout your life no matter what. It’s in your DNA and besides, what God created you as can never change. I don’t think there is a single instance in all of human history when a human being changed sex naturally.


He should have changed his last name to Womanning. lol


He is obviously a very confused individual.


Prisoners get name changes all the time; it is pretty much pro forma. He/she can call himself/herself whatever she/he wants. So can anybody if you aren’t trying to pull off something illegal.


Manning is a whistle-blower not a traitor. President Obama has begun an unprecedented crackdown on whistle blowers, because apparently exposing the government as violating the Constitution and the rights of the American people is treason.

Does this mean individuals with CAIS are men?


There is a difference between being a whistle-blower and a traitor. Manning is a traitor. I have even less respect for the Obama administration, so there is absolutely no influence in my statement in that regard. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about business. Manning was wrong.




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