Judge grants John Hinckley, Jr. his freedom decades after Reagan assassination attempt



The man who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan is set to go free, after a judge decided Wednesday to allow would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr. to live with his mother in Virginia full-time.

Hinckley is set to begin his “convalescent leave” on Aug. 5, according to U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman’s order.

Friedman wrote that “all of the experts and treatment providers” who testified during the hearing agreed that Hinckley’s issues – major depression and psychotic disorder – were “in full and sustained remission and have been for more than twenty years.”


The poor guy might have a quieter life if he stays where he is…hopefully it will work out for him and his mental problems will remain manageable.


how old is his mother?


I’m kind of thinking if you shoot the POTUS, you stay incarcerated or hospitalized.


He’s 61 so she’s probably in her 80’s


Let the man go; I doubt he’s going to try to impress any more movie stars by violent means at his age.



What do you mean? The 60’s is not so old!


Medically, isn’t it still considered the beginning of old age?


Just a little humor on my part. I don’t know if there is a definite start to old age. Psychologists use terms such as “the young old,” “the old,” and “the oldest old” to differentiate between phases of old age since there are changes which take place.


I believe ‘old as dirt’ is the real beginning of old age.


You may be right.


That’s understandable, now that the old (if defined as those pulling sixty) make up such a large chunk of human life.

I’d say that old begins where males begin to lie about their age. :slight_smile:



It would be better if he were kept in a secure mental institution where his behavior can be monitored and it can be ascertained that he is taking his medication.


Just wondering how an old woman in her 80’s is going to support him. :confused:
She’s been begging for his release for years, I’m sure she’s happy to have her son home.


It’s usually women that don’t like their age revealed. I never met a guy who cared about it.


Thirty years ago I would have disagreed with you, however, as I get closer to my 60s, I think you have a point. I just wonder how time went so fast.


I heard someone told him Donald Trump was dating Jodie Foster.


LOL, although I now have to repent.


She is 90 years old now and Jodie Foster came out as gay several years ago; we live in a different world.


so who does he live with when she is gone?

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