Judge halts federal execution of woman who killed pregnant mother, cut out her baby

Judge halts federal execution of woman who killed pregnant mother, cut out her baby

Her lawyers have contracted COVID-19

AU.S. district judge has “briefly” stayed the execution of a notorious killer who murdered a pregnant mother and then cut her baby out of her body, temporarily halting what is anticipated to be the first federal execution of a woman in nearly seven decades.

Lisa Montgomery in 2004 strangled Skidmore, Missouri resident Bobbie Jo Stinnett to death, then cut open Stinnett’s body and removed her baby before fleeing with it.

The killer was eventually apprehended and the baby safely returned to its father. Montgomery was subsequently sentenced to death; the federal government in October set her date of execution for Dec. 8 of this year.

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I am against the Death Penalty because the Church says we should be, generally speaking but I also point out the heinousness of the crime involved in most or all of these cases.

There was a previous thread on this from years ago; but I accidentally closed the webpage.

The crime was heinous. The perpetrator is psychotic and was the victim of years of horrific abuse.

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Unfortunately, fetal abduction murders committed by women are very common. Most of the time the perp doesn’t get death. Seems a bit arbitrary to single this particular perp out.

Most federal death row cases are heinous. It’s a high bar before the feds will impose death on you.

State cases are a different matter. Some are heinous, some are more pedestrian, like shooting someone in the course of a robbery.

I understand this is a federal case. I guess because she crossed state lines?

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Yes, I understand she was charged under the Federal Kidnapping Act (aka the Lindbergh Law) because she crossed state lines and the kidnapping resulted in death.

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