Judge in Brazil allows gay couple to adopt two girls

Rio de Janeiro, Oct 15, 2008 / 01:15 pm (CNA).- A judge in the Brazilian city of Recife has ruled that a gay couple can adopt two underage girls. Although some experts have questioned the constitutionality of the ruling, the case creates a legal precedent that would give a green light to future cases.


This is a travesty! How disgusting! I feel sorry for those poor little girls.

poor girls.

Poor girls? They were rescued from an abusive household.

Yeah… even though it wasn’t good in my eyes that the girls were given to a gay couple, it was probably still drastically better than an abusive household. At least they will be loved in this house.

Do you actually believe that those are the ONLY existing alternatives,that no heterosexual couple could be found in a population as huge as Brazil’s?Don’t be so naive-there definitely is some behind the scenes social engineering going on.:rolleyes:

Apparently there wasn’t, seeing as they had to go through extensive legal proceedings to legitimize the adoption. There must be something wrong with the adoption system in Brazil if no heterosexual couple stepped up… I’m not naive, just care about the children. Better they grow up with parents that love them than with those who abuse them.

Again,I think that’s a load of horse puckey.It is so obviously an exercise in social engineering in order to set a precedent-The population of Brazil is 184,000,000+ people.Now these young girls will be exposed daily to a “normalized” intrinsic evil no matter how wonderful these two people who suffer from same sex attraction are.

I think that gay parents would be better than abusive parents any day.

True, but the children are becoming political pawns in the homosexual agenda.

Right homosexuals must never be allowed to raise children, and while we are at it why not forbidden Buddhists, Witches, Satanist, Hindus, Muslims and Protestants too. :rolleyes:

How mature.

Well why not? If one refuses gays to adobt because of Church Teaching why stop there?

If you stop at letting gays get married and adopt, why stop there?

Why can’t 2 men and a woman get married and adopt?

Why can’t 4 men get married and adopt? They have feeling for each other. So why not?

Or would that be okay in your line of thinking?

I agree -


The number of children living in poverty in Brazil is staggering. Approx. 8 million live on the streets. Prostitution is rampant, both boys and girls. Child labor is also widespread and comes with pitiable wages and conditions. Death squads sometimes roam the streets killing the homeless kids (many of whom have become criminals in a effort to survive). Just goolge brazil and children+poverty for examples. Saving these girls from such a life is, IMO, a good thing, not a bad one.

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