Judge in (Steve) Utash case tells young Detroit man he needed a beating


The stunning remarks by Wayne County Judge James Callahan came as he sentenced Latrez Cummings to six months in jail . . . .

Despite the harsh tone, the judge said Cummings’ age and childhood were mitigating factors in the light sentence.

“We’ve all been 19 years of age,” Callahan said.


Gee, I thought when you turned 18 you became a man in our society but now we have 19 year old children running around and beating up adults. :shrug: :eek:

Man convicted in Steve Utash beating sentenced to 3 years probation



He will serve six months in prison, plus three years of probation. If he keeps his nose clean, he will not have a criminal conviction entered onto his record. This is a provision of Michigan’s “Holmes Youthful Trainee Act.” It appears to have first become law in 1966, when the age of adulthood was still 21. The law has been modified several times, most recently in 2004. I think there is some ambivalence in the US about the age of 18 to 21, e.g. alcohol.




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