Judge, or not to Judge 1 Cor 5,5

Jude 1:9 Even in this elevated plane of existence and in proximity to the Lord, we find in regards to the ownership of Moses’s body the angel Michael resisting the judgment of Satan and leaving it to the Lord for his decision.

For cases dealing with man.vs.man we find examples in Exodus 5:21 and Samuel of this relinquishing of judgment.

I have now a problem with 1Cor 5,5, and don’t understand where Paul takes the liberty to completely try the subject in one sitting.

“…To deliver such a one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus”.

AndyF :slight_smile:


I do not pretend to be able to parse the interpretation, but I do have a thought so I’ll put it out there. . . .

I think Paul is suggesting that the Church cut off the offender “in this life” with the hope that they will be purged and restored in the next.

I imagine he was very aware of the “aspects of the case”…and some things are well just obvious. And furthermore this was an action for the sake of the community and the persons soul.

Judge not did not mean of course that one could not judge in these things…especially one in authority.

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