Judge orders abortion clinic to close


CINCINNATI — A Hamilton County Common Pleas Court judge has ordered a Sharonville abortion clinic to close within five days.

Judge Jerome Metz Jr. sided with the state on the closure issue during a hearing today, saying the state health director’s order can’t be overturned.

Lebanon Road Surgery Center’s owner, Martin Haskell, has been fighting a state-ordered closure since January when former state health department director Theodore Wymyslo revoked the clinic’s license. The closure sparked both an appeal and now a second lawsuit as Haskell fights to stay in business.





Deo gratias!


Great news!

Anyone from Ohio willing to translate what they’re talking about in regards to public hospitals not being able to take abortion transfers? How is that different from an abortion clinic calling 911 if something goes wrong?


Thanks be to God.


Sharonville abortion clinic will not appeal ruling


What does this mean exaclty? I’m sure they would take the patient if they showed up in the emergency room. I guess I don’t really understand what an “emergency patient transfer agreement” is.

State-funded hospitals are not allowed to take in abortion clinic patients

ETA: Dawnia asked this question already. I posted before reading the replies. :blush:


One more step in the right direction.



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