Judge orders brain-damaged toddler to be removed from life-support machine despite Christian parents' desperate pleas to keep him alive


dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2774928/Judge-orders-brain-damaged-toddler-removed-life-support-machine-despite-Christian-parents-desperate-pleas-alive.html, not to sure how i feel on this, i dont think a judge has a right to determine whether a life support machine needs to be switched off. No one seems to respect people beliefs anymore, this is as bad a the five year old with a brain tumour who was taken out of the country for treatment when doctors here said that the treatment they could give him would cause him disabilities

Its a sad world


Judges should not get to decide this. This should have been the parents’ choice.


Thank you for sharing this.

From the article: “Today the youngster’s father said no-one had the right to take away the ‘privilege’ of life from his son.”

I’m with the father. I don’t understand how a judge has the right to make this decision.

Praying for all involved…


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