Judge orders Manafort be moved from jail giving him ‘VIP’ treatment


Manafort’s solitary confinement to be modified.


If the detention facility had a solitary cell with bathroom, then they must have had ‘guests’ like him in mind when they built the facility. I can understand not mixing him with general population, hence a dedicated bathroom.

The article gave no indication that his email and cell phone usage was actually against the rules.

It’s also common to allow people in minimum security detention to not wear prison clothing (he innocent till proven guilty, right?). At least we allow that for the teens I work with being held in detention but not yet convicted of a crime. This is usually done to save money from providing clothing for everyone.

All that said, I like the judge who took him at his word and moved him. A good reminder of his situation.


Poor Paul.


Imprisoned without a trial or without having been found guilty.

Is that ok with you?


Should everybody be released before their trial?


Non-violent crime accusations?

Eliminate monetary bail for people facing misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges.

Solitary confinement pre-trial confinement?


Really? You dont understand our legal system?

Many are held, pending trial, if they cannot make bail.

Manafort made bail, but after attempting to contact witnesses, a Judge revoked his bail.

So the actions are quite legal…unlike the 2500 kids who were not put in a VIP cell, but into cages.


I know, the parents that used them as pawns ought to be ashamed.


Perhaps…but we are better than that, our nation should imitate God, who does not impose guilt and punishment on children for the sins of their parents!


How would you work with unaccompanied children?

Do you realize that children barely able to walk are sent alone by their parents with coyotes!!

Would you DNA test them?

How do you deal with child victims of sex trafficking?


Double check the date … 2014 … not Trump … done by Obama.


And so throw the children into cages? That’ll teach those coyotes…another ridiculous non-sequitor.


This much I will agree with you on, as long as we can clamp down harshly from now on on parents who do this to their kids. We can’t wring our hands over it and then do nothing to address the problem of them being brought over in the first place.


They’re not. Read the 2016 Flores decision in order to know what the government must provide to them.


Paul’s far less of a flight risk than all those illegal border jumpers


Does your hyperbole know no bounds?

The ‘cage’ pictures were from the Obama era, and they were just temp holding till they could be transported to detention facilities. Then they have a proper bed, food, clothing, education, and medical care.


It is hard to understand how a smart guy made so many stupid choices, and continues to do it. Martin Shkreli made a lot of the same mistakes and got much the same treatment.

Disrespecting the judge is rarely a path to freedom, whether you are rich or poor.


How much of a flight risk are the illegal border jumpers?


Can you provide your data that shows that?

Just what did I not comprehend?


Why do you imagine there is such data?

We are talking about a sample of one with Paul, and I believe he has no past criminal justice record that could provide comparative data. I strongly suspect all his assets have been frozen and if he were to be released, it would include a sizeable bail amount.

To the best of my knowledge, our sample of Obama era catch and release illegals did not provide a financial security. That might explain why one investigator found a 90% rate in missing their court appointment

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